Bijou Market

I may have to make a trip to Provo. The last time I was there I was dropping my brother off at the MTC almost two years ago...this time around would be for this...


Really a nurse...

Back in April, my little sister graduated from Weber State and got her RN Nursing degree! My little brother always teased her that her LPN didn't make her a real nurse, just practically a nurse. But now she has her RN degree and is really a nurse. 

And as you can tell, I was huge and pregnant and totally uncomfortable. 


Final Day..

Our last day in Disneyland was as fun as the rest, minus the fact we were all exhausted. Here are some of the things we learned on the way for those who haven't been before. I certainly am no expert, but hope these tips will help you if you visit Disneyland!
  • Buckle down and pay the money to park at Disneyland, unless your hotel has a shuttle service that runs often. We found our shuttle only ran three times in the morning and twice at night. None of the times were convenient for our plans, so we just parked at Disneyland. Totally worth it. 
  • Bring snacks and a water bottle.
  • Layer clothing. We went in April and some of the days were a little chilly in the morning and evening and a light sweat shirt was perfect. 
  • Go to the World of Color and get a fast pass for it, but don't stand on the very front row or you will get wet. You can get a fast pass buy purchasing a picnic dinner to go. Totally worth it, unless you can get to the park early enough to get on from the machine. We knew we wouldn't. 
  • Go watch the parade, and find a seat early...in the shade. 
  • We went for three days (one at Disneyland, two at California Adventure Park) and that was enough. We could have done more days, but if you can break them up, do it. We didn't have the time, but it would have been perfect to go for two days, take a day to relax, go to a beach then to Disneyland again for a day or two more. 
  • There is plenty of space to park your stroller everywhere, so if you need one, bring it. 
  • Goofy's Breakfast at the Disneyland Hotel lets you meet a bunch of characters and park for free for five hours. We chanced it, and stayed parked there the whole day hoping we wouldn't have to pay, and we didn't! We were there probably 10 hours and the nice guy at the parking gate let us out without paying for any parking that day. Score.