I love summer and I love my kids. 
And I got this cutie to hold still long enough to smile for me.


Have a fabulous weekend.


july 4th

This 4th of July was..ehhh. It was ok. We didn't have Munchkin so it wasn't super exciting. 
The parade was ok. About half of all the entries I'm pretty sure were dancing groups and only a handful of actual floats. 

Our neighbor was ready for a fight.

Hubster and Chubbs.

Chubbs wasn't happy as I covered his ears as the fire engines blew their super loud horns. 

neighboor kids

More neighbor kids and their madre.

How Chubbs spent about 90% of the parade.

I'm sure this was a total coincidence. 

Swimming at the Gparents after the parade...two of my cousins.

 My brother would have gotten killed if actually went through with this.

He was so tired.

Chubbs at almost 9 months and his 6 month old cousin (or second cousin, or cousin once removed...it's my cousin's kid.)


fish farm...

We went to a fish farm a weeks ago and I haven't been to up to speed on getting them posted right away. 
Oh well...
Munchkin was so excited to get fishing.

He caught a fish in about .2 seconds and dropped it right into the bucket.

Hubster got the wonderful job of taking the fish off the hook.

Gpa Brian letting Chubbs get in on the action too. And thanks to Munchkin for letting Chubbs borrow his hat and saving me a trip back to the car. Not that the way Munchkin was wearing it was really helping anyway.

Our cute little family

Me and my adorable boys
  He loves his Daddy


And a few of the film pictures I took.

Is he not the cutest thing ever? 
And is film not so so amazing?


bye, bye, bye...

I chopped my hair.
And I love it. 

But don't be fooled in thinking I must have cut it because now I have a baby and short hair is easier. Lies I tell you, all lies. Chubbs never really grabs hair, or didn't much with mine. And when I had long hair, I could throw it into a decent, presentable ponytail in about 3.5 seconds. Now, I actually have to fix it because I can't really do anything with it.

I totally look more like my mom now, but I'll take it cause she is super cute.


Dress: Express (old...$35ish?). Necklace: Charlotte Russe ($12). Ring: Aldo ($8). Bracelets: Charlotte Russe ($6), Garage Sale ($1). Shoes: Steve Madden, TJ Maxx or Ross ($25ish?).


two posts in one day...

Can you believe it? Cause I can't...

Want to know what else I can't believe?
That I'm wearing my 5-year old sons sweater. 
Yup. Promise.

Um excuse me? Miss? Your pockets are showing...
Sweater: Gymboree, Boy's section ($6). Sequin Top: Express ($10). Jeans: Express ($30?). Shoes: Target ($9). Necklace: the vintage pearl.

I was looking for my brown sweater. No where to be found. Then I remembered my sister had it...crap. I needed a brown sweater! 

Then I this conversation with Munchkin that happened a few days ago popped into my head...

Me: Munchkin, I need to come try this sweater on please.
Munchkin: No. 
Me: Yes, please.
Munchkin: No, that's a girl sweater.
Me: Pshaww...No it's not! It's a boys sweater, promise.
Munchkin: Ok.
He then tries on the sweater which should fit him perfect this fall (after a nice run through the dryer).

My next thought was...do you think people would notice?
Then...well, I certainly don't care if they do. 

So, I wore it.


I felt like a nerd taking these.  My conversation goes as follows with Hubster...

Does this look weird? Do I look awkward?
No, you look beautiful.
That's not helpful.


Sweater: AE (old), Cream Top: Shade ($3), Striped Top: Express ($10). Jeans: Gap ($25ish). Shoes: Guess, TJ Maxx ($20). Bracelets: Charlotte Russe ($6). Watch: NY&Co. ($13). Necklace: The Vintage Pearl.



I have a cute cousin. Super cute. Super fun.
But she lives super far away...like other side of the country away. 
I did get to see her for a little bit when my other cousin got married (yeah, I have lots of cousins)...
Top: Express ($25ish). Skirt: NY&Co. (super old). Shoes: Steve Madden, TJ Maxx ($20ish). Ring: Aldo ($8). Earrings: Guess, Ross ($8)

How I love us.


And of course one with my awesome children.