my family

My immediate family...
David (4 years younger), Abby (2 yrs. younger), Dad aka Pops, Adam (8 years younger), Mom aka Momma Jo (even though her name is Shirlie...the story: I was sitting at the kitchen counter one day in high school and making up some rhyme and Shirlie didn't rhyme, but Jo did. And so it stuck. She is even Grandma Jo to my boys.), and Paul (8 years younger).
My married family...

Hubster, Me, Munchkin and Chubbs.

Technically my 5 year old, Munchkin, is my step-son but I don't love him any different than my son I gave birth to, so I'm claiming him as mine. He has called me mom for years and when he is not in our home, there is a tangible void.
My other son, Chubbs was born near the end of 2010 and is such a good baby. I mean really, I'm not kidding, he is an awesome kid. As long as he is fed and not too tired, he is happy and easy going. Oh, and he has great cheeks for kissing.

My Hubster is great and awesome, and quite buff I might add. He is humble and hardworking and one of his favorite things to say is, "Is that bad?".
Love him.

Me and my boys
(in June 2011)

Me and Hubster
(in April 2010)