Munchkin has started doing wrestling. I was a little hesitant at first, but Munchkin has done awesome and loves it. And I must admit even though he is only five, it's pretty fun to watch him wrestle. 

These were taken at his second wrestling tournament.

 Munchkin and his friend from preschool last year.

All kids and coaches in his wrestling camp...we love Kevin, the coach on the far left. 

After all the parents were done taking pictures, I went back up and told all the boys to show me their muscles. They thought it was so awesome. 

Munchkin at his third wrestling tournament. 

 This was after he won his third match and...

got First Place!! He was super excited and so proud of himself. He also had his first pin and it was so awesome. 


my oh my...

Quite a blustery day...

Luckily, none of these are from my yard. A few from my husband's parents and gparents, but everyone was ok.