Awkward & Awesome Thursday

October according to my iPhone. 
Top: Hubster's picture he changed as my background, as I promptly changed back to a pic of my boys; Thriller @ WSU...awesome; Chubbs trying a lime.
Middle: View from the pumpkin patch; the boys enjoying bath time; a wreath a made for halloween.
Bottom: Boys going for a ride at the pumpkin patch; Chubbs getting ready for halloween; Chubbs as a chubby dinosaur.

- Let's go with super awkward on this one...had a guy come into my office fresh out of jail. I know him by name and over the years tried to have as few interactions with him as possible.
For over an hour, I heard him tell stories about his stint in jail...wow. Apparently he...
  - shared a cell with the Mitchell guy from the Elizabeth Smart case
  - was in jail at one point with Michael Vick, some Piston basketball players, and some chinese guy from Goonies
Then he told us:
 - how light bulbs can used to cut someone up.
 - way too much information on his experience in prison.
 - how he is stuck in the state for 15 years on parole.

Then (as a married man) gave a lady I work with two kisses on the cheek with very inappropriate hugging.  I knew this guy when I was in school and he was always inappropriately flirting with girls. Gah. Certainly not someone I ever wanted to run into again.

Wow. Wish you could have been there, but at the same really glad nobody else was.

 - Fall colors. Granted they aren't nearly as pretty or vibrant as they are back east, but I still enjoy them.
- pumpkin patches. Just fun. 
- Finding an enormous blow up spider in my garage (from years and years ago) and putting it in my front yard (specifically for my neighbor...well, and Munchkin. He thinks it's pretty cool.)
- Seeing Chubbs learn new words 
- short hair. Seriously takes me like two minutes to fix
- My twin brother's getting their mission calls...almost. They are supposedly in the mail.


The Party

I didn't get as great of pictures as I should have, but we sure had a good time.

The Birthday Boy

Some of the treats

Chubbs and one of the cute neighbor girls who just loves him.

Singing Happy Birthday!


Loving the cake

His pants got a little dirty after eating his cake. Plus his chubby legs are so cute!

 Pulling the pinata to break it...much safer...and easier. And tricky me, tied up the string that pulled the bottom out in hopes that all the kids would get a turn and pull the long ones first. 

Totally worked! We got down to the very last ribbon.

Hubster's sweet new blanket.


THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all those friends and family who came, visited and spoiled my boys. THANK YOU!!

And a very unflattering picture of me...
Shirt: H&M ($5). Pants: Gap. Belt: Downeast ($5). Shoes: Express (free with coupon). Chubbs shirt: H&M ($7ish).


Birthday Boys

It was a party. 
Here are the invitations I made, the front and back. 
They turned out super cute...well, I think so. I'm a little biased because I made them, but ya know.

It was fun and great to see some family and friends that we hadn't seen in a while. 

The birthday boys

Munchkin decorated Hubster's cake all by himself. He was so excited.

More pictures to come oh so soon...


Awkward & Awesome Thursday

I'm not sure what THIS event would be categorized under, probably neither.
But my little hometown of Zanesville, Ohio made it into the headlines.
I am super sad that all those animals had to be killed, but fully agree with the decision on the Muskingum County law enforcement in their actions. 
Boo to you Terry Thompson for being the sole reason all those animals died.

- Losing my car in the parking lot. This happens too often.
- Hubster's phone sending text messages to random people in his phone
- Seeing a sheriff badge duct taped to the podium and the Muskingum County Sheriff gave a press release. I mean, really? Someone couldn't have made a little loop and stuck it on the back?
- Scooting myself along a big metal gate to avoid stepping in the mud in 4" wedge heels for family pictures. Then climbing over the fence. Although I made it, so I guess that is awesome.
- Feeding Chubbs one morning, half asleep and then realizing he did in fact manage to leak out of his diaper and pee on my lap. Good morning to me.

- These videos (one, two and three) made by two of my buddies for the Weber State University campus stores
- Pumpkin patches
- Hot chocolate...or Ho Choch and my old roomies and I used to say it
- While driving to work, seeing a super old lady (like in her 80's) walking down the street with hot pink Skullcandy headphones.
- My little bro's turning their mission papers in!
- My little man, Chubbs, turned ONE!! Holy crap!
- And the Hubster had a bday too.!


Lions and Tigers and Bears...OH MY!!

It is rare that people have heard of my hometown Zanesville, Ohio. 
But I'm pretty sure if you have been paying attention to the news last night and today you may have heard about 50 exotic wild animals getting loose? 

Yup. Happened in good ole Zanesville.

or this report...

and if you watch this report below I will clarify for those of you who don't speak "Ohioan"...
Woof = WOLF



I'm going to be taking a break for a week or so from bloggityland.
My parents are here visiting, Chubbs turns ONE!!(wow...) tomorrow, and Hubster has a bday the day after. So, I'm going to be busy and as much as I want to blog, in all reality it's probably not going to happen.

 Laughing at Chubbs smushing his face up against the door.

Top: H&M ($5). Scarf: H&M ($8). Jeans: Gap ($20ish). Shoes: Guess, TJ Maxx ($20ish). Belt: AE. Jewelry: NY&Co., Charlotte Russe.


Remember that time we went to Vegas?

Went to Vegas for our anniversary.

Found the H&M boys section. Super awesome.
The women's section? Super lame.

And then spent a lot of money on clothes for the kiddos. 
I found nada for moi.


Waiting for the water show at the Bellagio I couldn't stop staring (non-nonchalantly of course) at this man's toe.

What is Vegas without going to a buffet.

Dirty Vegas

My favorite window display

Hubster was pretty much in heaven.