The Shopping Ban...


I have thought about doing a shopping ban for quite some time, but never took the initiative to tell anyone about it, let alone do it! However, I knew if I told people, wrote it down, and made my goals public it then made me completely accountable, right?

Why would I do this? Well, basically I need to save some money, and this will force me to save a big portion of my income, plus force me to dig deep and become creative with the wardrobe I have now.

So, feel free to call me out, ask me questions and go on this journey (or trial, whatever you want to call it. I'm going with the latter) with me. I am not a hard core shopper, but I truly cannot pass up a good deal. I need to save some moolah and shopping tends to be my Achilles heel. Ready or not...

Let's get down to the details...

This Shopping Ban will start March 1st, 2013 and end one year later...dun-dun-dun.

 - No purchasing any items of clothing for myself (I can buy for the boys as needed).

- No purchasing any shoes, jewelry, purses, makeup, or accessories for myself. Only items that are replacing a product that is gone or ruined that I currently own is allowed.

- Needed clothing items can be purchased, on sale or with a coupon if possible (e.g. bridal party dress, required clothing for an event, socks, underwear, etc.)

- Gifts can be accepted, but no asking for a specific gift from anyone. If gift needs to be exchanged, no more than $5 can be spent to cover the difference. Gift cards can be accepted and used, but money received as a gift cannot be used for anything under the first two rules.

- Anything already owned can be altered by myself, and items needed to alter can be purchased as needed only.

- My Sanity Stash: This is a one time amount of $200 that I can use anytime throughout the whole year on any items, but once I hit $200, it's gone. So I can use it all at once, or break it up however I want, but it is for the entire year!

- I can make clothing, but only with materials I already have, or use money for materials from my Sanity Stash.

- Selling items: I can sell clothes, bags, etc. and the money from the sale can be added to my Sanity Stash.

- Donating items: I can donate any banned items and add $2 per item I donate to my Sanity Stash.

- Buying gifts for others is allowed. Handmade gifts are to be given whenever possible. Buying materials for handmade gifts are allowed and I don't have to use my Sanity Stash.

- Borrowing/swapping items is allowed.

- Emergency purchases are allowed (ripped tights while on a trip, throw up on a shirt while traveling, etc.)

*Rules will be revisited in six months and any adjustments will be made as needed.


Winter Attire

Baby it's cold outside! Especially when I go to church on Sundays and wear a dress. I don't think my legs have or will see the light of day until May. 

 This is me around 24 weeks with baby boy #2.
Dress: H&M ($15). Sweater: NY&Co (old). Tights (old). Shoes: BCBG via TJ Maxx (old). Belt: H&M ($5). Earrings: Aldo ($5).