Missionaries Round Two...

 Just over three years ago my brother and sister went into the MTC within a month of each other. So our family had two missionaries out at the same time. 

Last month, my twin brothers left on their missions as well. They left four days before Christmas, but we are so happy those chose to serve a mission.

Paul went to serve in Phoenix, Arizona.
Adam went to serve in Fresno, California. 

I have started a blog for these two (that I have yet to post anything to), so check back soon to see their letters and pictures!

Getting their missionary haircuts by our cute mom.



After breakfast before going to the MTC. 

 Elder Adam Wilson & Elder Paul Wilson

   Hugs before saying goodbye for two whole years!


Isn't my mom the cutest thing ever?

Entering the MTC


gingerbread houses

Get ready for some Christmas updates, because even though it happened almost a month ago, this girl needs to do some catch up in blog land.

My house. 
 Adam's house

 We are so much fun.


deck these halls...

One of our family traditions on Christmas is to make gingerbread houses. My tradition? Putting as much candy on it as I can, so I munch on it later.
Rocked it again.


More pictures of the rest of the sibs houses coming next week. 


Santa and his Reindeer...

Hubster brought Chubbs to my work to visit Santa and his reindeer. 
Chubbs l.o.v.e.d. the reindeer. 
Good thing there was a gate around the reindeer or he probably would have tried to climb on their backs.

  Chubbs - Hat: H&M ($5ish). Jacket: Columbia via TJ Maxx ($10). Shirt: Free via hand-me-down. Jeans: The Children's Place ($0 with coupons). Shoes: Vans ($35). 
Me - Sweater: Kenzie via TJ Maxx ($25). Shirt: Shade (old). Jeans: American Eagle (super old). Shoes: Puma (super, super old).

Santa, however, was a totally different story. I wasn't able to get him to even let go of me when I tried to put him on Santa's lap. 

Santa did however get him to give him the rock. 
We will take it. 


Happy 2012!

2012!! Can you believe it?!

I'm not entirely sure that this is the first post I want on my blog of the new year, but let's not be picky. 

No, this isn't my favorite outfit. 
Yes, my hair looks like a helmet. 
Yes, I struggle with posing for outfit pictures.

 Dress: D.I. ($6). Sweater: Express (old). Belt: DownEast ($3ish). Jewelry: Express, Aldo, The Limited. Shoes: BCBG ($40). Super white legs: $0.

I have loads of pictures I need to share, with our whirlwind of a December and all it's happenings.  This will come soon my friends. Soon.