Awkward & Awesome Thursday...

White Shirt: Downeast Outfitters ($10). Gray Striped Shirt: Express ($6). Studded Vest: Abercrombie & Fitch ($13). Belt: American Eagle ($7). Jeans: Express ($25). Shoes: Aldo ($35).

- Standing on the front door of my sister-in-laws house for approx. 7 minutes waiting for her to answer (lucky duck was still in bed...super jealous)
- Having Hubster exploit me by telling my non-married friends about my continually hair shedding and it being all over his clothes and unders. 
- Having a sketchy lady at the D.I. literally grab Chubbs from Hubster to hold him and see if he really is as heavy as we said he is
- Jumpsuits. Still can't figure out their appeal
- Walking across campus to work and having my high heel go down in between those tiny cracks in the sidewalk...right in front of someone. I promise I know how to walk and that crack moved just as I put my foot down.
- A billboard sign quoting a five year old saying "KUED is my source for science." Really? What five year old would put that sentence together.

- My new do...pictures to come tomorrow.

- Skype
- Chubbs rolling front to back and vice versa all over the place. As well as sitting straight up on his own.
- Slightly warmer weather
- Hubster only have class for one hour instead of two or three
- Finding pictures like this on my computer

Awkward and Awesome
- Turning the car on and radio is playing "Ride Wit Me" by Nelly and knowing just about every single word.


First Official Outfit Post...

Trip to Gateway for my little brother's birthday. We stopped in Anthropologie. Such a cool store, love these bowls...
Then I made Hubster take an outfit shot. 

 Jacket: Gap ($20). Necklace: Dillards ($10ish). Striped Top: Old Navy ($5), Jeans: Level 99, Dillards ($50ish). Shoes: BCBG, TJMaxx ($30)

...I say "ish" because I have had them for a while and can't remember how much they were.


Happy Happy Birthday David Dear...

My little brother turned the big 2-2 on Saturday. Wow. I can't believe it. 
It has been so great to have him out here in Utah for the time being.

Happy Birthday Bud, I love ya!!

We got a large group of women/girls to help us sing Happy Birthday to David when him (and his super cute gf) walked in the Food Court.

 Thanks to all of those cute girls & women and the other random food court occupants who helped us sing! (totally spaced it on having my camera ready to take some better pics and video...sorry!)

Then we went to eat at CPK.
 He is too dang cute.
 I made a cake real quick on Sunday night for David, and I walked in and he was getting ready to frost it. I found him as he was putting red icing dye in the frosting...
Me: What are you doing?
David: Making me red frosting for my cake.
Me: Just so you know it's going to turn out pink, not red.
David: Are you serious?
Me: Yup. You can make it red, but you have to use a ton of dye and it tastes gross.
David: Oh well. Pink works. 
Happy 22nd Birthday David!!
One of my favorite years of my life...hope yours is as well.

Pretty, Pretty Please...

Please pick me!!!

Florabella & THEIT Camera Bag Giveaway!



Ummm...Excuse me? Mother Nature?

I'm not so sure you got my last letter. I'm tired of winter and I would like Spring to be here already. This snow stuff is getting old. We all get you can turn our lives upside down just by making all those pretty little snowflakes dump and pour from the sky. K? We get it. You rule the weather. 
However, I do want to point out that Spring is supposed to be here. March 21st was the official first day of Spring, so if we could all just agree to follow the same calendar that would be a.w.e.s.o.m.e. 

Don't want to be rude, just wanted to let you know. Please get your act together. Thanks-a-bunch.


Awkward & Awesome Thursday...

- Going to a completely empty bathroom except the girl breast pumping on the couch in the bathroom. It gets really quiet, then she calls her mom and talks to her in Spanish (where is my spanish speaking sister when I need her?), and I'm sure it was about that encounter.
- Having a nice indent in my hair from taking off the stretchy headband I wore. 
- Getting a "Nice boo_s" from a guy walking by me. I sure hope that letter I couldn't understand was a T...
- When people talk about how much money they or don't have (i'm the latter)
- Seeing someone you know in the car next to you, waving and saying hi. Then passing them again...and again...and again (do I keep waving? ignore them? I'm not sure what the etiquette is on this)
- Grown women in pigtails
-  Getting yelled at for trying to steal the basketball during a church tournament game

- Wearing my rainboots and getting to splash in some puddles 
- Ponytails
- Seeing Picaboo Street at work
- Birthdays. Esp for five years olds. 
- Beating said team by a lot in church basketball game
- Scoring free food at work
- My hot-chocolate-makin'-machine. Thank you to whomever gifted us this for a wedding present.
- Chubbs sleeping through the night (this has been happening for several months now, but it's still awesome)


Awkward and Awesome
- Accidentally buying a pink razor scooter for my Munchkin. The picture on the box totally looks like it was of a red one. He thought it was funny, but still wanted the red one  

(stolen from The Daybook

Dance Comporation...

Last night I made dinner and then felt like dancing. 
I turned to Munchkin, "Do you want to have a dance party?"
His eyes lit up..."When?!"
"Right now."

And so we did. It was fun. I turned on an iPod and Chubbs sat in his colorful toy seat thing (I'm sure it has an official name), and was utterly entertained by us as we shook our little selves in the kitchen.

Then Munchkin turns to me..."Mom. We should have a dance comporation."
"Oh yeah. That sounds fun. What is it?"
"I dance for a song, then you dance for a song."
Me - "Ok. Let's do that. I don't know if I can dance for a whole song though. That is a pretty long time."
Munchkin - "Oh that is ok. If you stop I can teach you some of my dance moves." 

Nice. I was then taught how to break dance by my now five year old. 


Birthday Day...

We celebrated Muchkin's Birthday, on the Saturday before his actual Birthday. It was "Birthday Day". 
On Birthday Day, Munchkin is the king. He gets to do just about whatever he wants (within reason of course). 

We were leaving my basketball game Saturday afternoon to go home and get ready for his party. He wanted to climb over Chubbs seat into his and Hubster didn't want him too. I let him, because it was Birthday Day! 
"It's Birthday Day Dad, he can climb over the seat."
(side note: I don't believe in overruling Hubster unless a discussion first ensues. Then I overrule him...kidding.)
Munckin got a big smile on his face, "Yeah, it's Birthday Day", and climbed on over the seat to his. 

A few times throughout the day this happened, and we let him have his way without much discussion. Then he was getting in the shower and Hubster was about to wash his hair when I overhear this conversation from the bathroom:
Munchkin - "But Dad, I don't want to wash my hair!"
Hubster - "You have to wash your hair. You were running around sweating today"
M - "No. I don't want to"
H - "Too bad. If you want to go to your party you need to wash your hair."
M - "But Dad..."
H - "Munchkin. I'm sorry. You have to wash your hair."
M - "But Dad..."
H - "You have to wash your hair."

I start laughing and so does Hubster even though he was frustrated. Since I had deemed the day as this, I figured it was my fault that he was using this is an excuse. I went into the bathroom and told him that he got to choose some things he wanted to do on his birthday, but he had to wash his hair. 
Dejected and knowing he wasn't getting out of it, he muttered a small "ok". 
I made a cake. Or a attempted to make one. 
I let Munchkin choose what he wants to do for his birthday. 

Do you want a party with friends or family?
What do you want to want to do for your birthday?
Go to Boondocks.
What kind of cake do you want?
Umm...a lego cake.

So that is what we did...

 5 years old. I told him to hold up the #5...he was double excited, so you get ten. And I made that shirt using freezer paper. Super easy!
 Love this picture...

 Munchkin wasn't too excited about the quick photoshoot until I told him he could makes faces and jump.

And can't forget Chubbs


Birthday Boy...

My Munchkin is 5 years old today. 
I cannot believe it. He is growing up super fast. 

One of my very first memories of munchkin is when my mom and I went to lunch with Hubster while she in town and he was going through his divorce. We had know Hubster since 2001 when he served his mission in Ohio where we were living. We kept in touch with him and pretty much considered him a part of the family (I even went to his wedding reception).

We went to TGIFridays. I remember exactly where we were sitting and what I was wearing. I remember Munchkin had on his striped green and yellow polo. I have no idea what Jesse was wearing. Munchkin had some water in a cup with ice. Hubster gave him a drink and it was too cold. Instead of spitting out the water or swallowing it, he simply opened his mouth wide and let the water pour it. It was one of those sad, but also a little funny moments. Hubster got him all cleaned up and a new drink with no ice.

Then Hubster went to the bathroom, and my mother and I had no idea what was about to happen. As soon as Hubster turned the corner to the bathroom and Munchkin couldn't see him anymore he went hysterical. He started crying and screaming and yelling Daddy as many times as his little voice could muster.  I looked at my mom bewildered as she picked him up out of his seat and tried to calm him down. He stretched him short little arms towards the bathroom doors and continued to yell. Of course people in the restaurant started to look at us, when Hubster finally emerged from around the corner and took Munchkin in his arms. The cries and tears immediately ceased. Munchkin was in his Daddy's arms once again and all was right in his little world. 
Munchkin is his Daddy's little boy. 

Now this little guy is a whopping 5 years old. I have been privileged enough to be a mom to him for over three years. I love this little guy so much. 

Some fun facts about Munchkin:

He loves his stuffed animals. His favorite right now is a skunk named Skunk Friend. 
He loves his little brother, Chubbs. Saturday we went bowling for his birthday and he didn't bowl very much because he just wanted to sit there and hold Chubbs (how adorable is that?!).
He likes to take showers, but hates to get washed.
He loves to cuddle with Hubster and I before he goes to bed, and anytime we are sitting at home.
He likes to crawl through Chubbs side of the car over to his seat.
His shoes have "names" - his Jordans, his Lebrons, his Lebrons from Santa, etc. 
He likes cereal, granola bars and fruit snacks and would have them for every meal if we let him. 
He loves to ride his bike and play basketball.
He loves Reese's. 
He loves to pay his tithing at church. This week they sang to him in Primary and it totally made his day. He had been looking forward to that for days.
He is very good at sports.
He likes to "break dance". 
He has an amazing memory. He never forgets anything. 
He thinks he knows karate and can beat anyone up. 
He loves to wrestle. 
He always has to have Hubster take him to the bathroom when we are out because the womens' bathrooms don't have urinals.
Loves to ride on airplanes.
Calls "instructions" - constructions. 
Sticks his tongue out whenever he is concentrating (and sometimes when he isn't). 

He is a great kid and I'm so grateful we get to have him in our family.

More birthday details to come...
Happy Birthday Baby Boy. I love you. 


One Fine Day...

Saturday was a good day.

There was nothing significant about this day, but it was a good day. Hubster woke up before the sun and went into work.  I don't like him working on Saturdays, and he knows it, but he had to.  He woke me as he does every morning with a sweet smack on the lips tangled with a "goodbye babe" and a "love ya". 

I turn over to his side of the bed and curl up as the cold from the sheets tickles my body and I give a little shudder. I lay there listening to Chubbs over the monitor. His sweet breaths and tiny sighs make my lips give a teensy smile. I keep my eyes closed and drift back into a light sleep because I know Chubbs is going to be waking up soon. 

What seems like seconds later Chubbs is gooing and quietly exercising his increasing voicebox volume. I grope around for my glasses, slip them on and throw my hair in a pony tail that flounces on the very tip top of my head. I'm grateful I cleaned out the bottles the night before as I turn on the cool water and let it trickle over my fingers as I wait for it to get warm.  

Chubbs is wide awake with his fat dimpled hands clingy to his feet. A new toy he has just discovered. We go back to my bed and after he eats he lets out a hearty belch and we fall asleep for a little while longer.

We get up, get ready and I contemplate what stores I have to go to and which ones I want to go to. Then Hubster gets home and I am thrilled because he gets to come with me all day, and lug our chubby little man around while I scurry around shopping. 

Hubster and I flirt. We joke. He makes me smile. He tells me I am all sorts of wonderful and wraps me in his strong, comforting arms and reassures me everything will be ok. Have faith

We get back to our home and unload our goodies and necessities we bought throughout the day. Chubbs is wide awake and has his open mouthed smile plastered on his face. Our little family (minus a very important Munchkin), soaked in each others presence and just relaxed. 

It was one fine day. A good day, where our cares were hung out to dry for little while and we just lived in the moment. I need more days like this.



It is time. 
I need to cut my hair. I have been growing it out to donate and I think I am close enough (10 inches is a lot!), and my hair is driving me crazy. It ends up in ponytail most of the time, which means itsgotstago. 

Help me decide which cut you like...poll is on the right hand side of my blog, and leave a comment below if ya wanna.

Style #1 
I know this isn't the same haircut in both pictures, but they were odd balls, so I don't expect too many votes for this one.

Style #2
A bob with a good A-line.

Style #3
Similar to #2, but shorter in the back

Style #4
Again, similar to #2, but with more layers and with some body

Style #5
Super short!

Style #6
short, but still long in front. I wouldn't have the extra length down my neck like the top left picture, it would be shorter.

Help me choose!! I want/need to go back to my short hair.

Also, I will totally take suggestions. If you know of a cute short hairstyle you think I could rock, send me a link!

Day 30...

A photograph of yourself today & three good things that have happened in the past.
I look like crap today because it's been a hard week to put it lightly. You really don't want to see what I look like...trust me.

I try to not be cliche when I write, but I get lazy and it happens. 
So..."when it rains, it pours". And that is how it has been. 
I hope to see some sunshine soon.

Three good things that have happened in the past:
I think I need to focus on today. Put on my PollyAnna hat and focus out what has been good about this day. 
1. I woke up to a smiling toothless little boy who is obsessed with grabbing his feet
2. I have warm feet (thank you uggs)
3. I have an amazing husband to get me through

Day 29...

Something you could never get tired of doing.

Being a mom to these two boys. 
 I sure am a lucky girl.
I was meant to be a mother. 
It is an innate quality fed and developed by watching and learning from my uber talented and amazing mother.

Day 28...

Your favorite movie.

 I love...
Let's just say I am pretty easily entertained.

Day 27...

A picture of you last year and now and how have you changed since then?

Last March...

This March. Although I am pretty sure the picture above it from Valentines Day, but eh, close enough. I realized also that I don't have very many pictures of myself because I am normally behind the camera. Guess I should work on that one. 
This loverly picture I took with an old film camera my madre gave me. I haven't used it that much the last few years, but after seeing this baby (haha. get it), I might become a little more familiar with it. 

How have I changed over the past year? 

I will answer your question with a question (...where is this from? ten stanley nickels for whoever gets it right)
How haven't I changed over the past year?

I went through pregnancy for the first time in my life..and it was amazing is countless ways.
I had a baby. Wow. The magnitude of this cannot be realized until you have gone through this yourself (sorry guys, you miss out on one unbelievable experience) 
Started working full-time
Became more emotional about everything...thank you hormones
I have grown up. Learned more. 
Had a handful of experiences, some good, some bad and some I wish never happened. 

I truly have to practice the teaching of " But behold I say unto you, love your aenemies, bless them that curse you, do bgood to them that hate you, and cpray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you;"
 And it. is. hard.


I Scream You Scream...

Chubbs Screams...

Day 26...

A photo of somewhere you’ve been.

I mentioned before that I was a driver guide in Alaska.
In good old Skagway.
Made some great friends.
Had a great experience, but I would never do it again.

Skagway, AK
4 blocks by 23 blocks
I drove a bus like this
And sometimes this...

And a few times this...

the main street in Skagway

Summit Lake

View from the Train
And did I ever mention I got fat in Alaska. Well, yeah, I did. Awesome. Here I am about 175 pounds. Ugh. I hate these pictures, but I keep them around to remind me to never get that big again.

Then I lost over 50 pounds
and I felt so much better.

I watched what I ate and I exercised more. The only real diet that works.
Fad's don't work and they don't last. If it is easy or too good to be true, it is.
Don't waste your money or time. Get your butt to the gym.

Watch Biggest Loser if you don't believe me...

Guess who I am rooting for this season?
Rulon Gardner


Day 25...

What’s in your purse?

Cell phone
Small Bag of lip gloss, lip stick, chap stick, mirror
Small purse (yes, I have a purse in my purse. abby reminds me how ridiculous this is) for any coupons, receipts, paper, checkbook
Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Excedrin (in an old altoids can I have had since high school)
3 sets of keys (work, car/home, spare keys/gparent's house key)
Cheese Crackers
Granola Bar

...and that is after I cleaned it out earlier this week.


Day 24...

A photo of something that means a lot to you.
Again...I have already established this. My family. First and foremost and forever.
My family:
Momma Jo
Boss Man

So I thought...I need a laugh.
Hope you have one too after watching this.

Click HERE if the video doesn't work. Sorry it isn't a very good video.

THIS ONE is even better...


Magical Moment...

Today Hubster got up, changed Chubbs, made his bottle (yes, he is so great) and then I fed him while he got ready for work.

After I feed him, he normally lays there for a while and we look at each other. I wonder what those big eyes are seeing. What is going on inside that cute little noggin' of his? I look at him and wonder if I could possibly love him anymore. Those tiny eyelashes, soft skin and tiny features make me yearn for time to slow down.

Then he falls asleep while we are cuddling and I breath him in. He is so perfect. Straight from heaven. A gift I do not deserve. Then fear and my lack of faith sets in. What if I lose him? What if this is the last time I will kiss those plump cheeks of his? There is no way I could be this lucky to have him for years on end. I am not that fortunate, nor that deserving.

I cry. Pleading with my Father in Heaven to let me have this perfect gift, this little bit of light in my life for a long time. I don't want to be a sad story. I don't want to be the one they flash on the news of some tragedy that happened to some girl in some place and you are grateful it didn't happen to you.

Then I lay him down next to me in bed so I can watch him. There is something utterly fascinating about watching your child sleep. Even slightly magical. I look at my child and think 'he is perfect'.

I lay there knowing I have to get up, get ready and go to work again. I have to say goodbye to this perfect little life. I hear my alarm beeping at me, warning me I'm going to be late if I don't hurry. I despise that sound and those little beeps telling me I have to leave.

Those moments are special. The moments when everything is quiet and I can hear those tiny inhales and exhales from my baby. Then if I am lucky, he wakes up and looks at me. As soon as our eyes meet smiles grace our faces. Our bond is solidified all over again. These moments are some of what make being a mother the most amazing experience in the world.

Day 23...

15 Random Facts about You

1. I always put on my right shoe first
2. I own over 70 pairs of shoes
3. My favorite snacks are potato chips and popcorn and dr. pepper
4. I was all-state in soccer in high school
5. I have never been to Disneyland/world
6. I can shake my eyes really fast
7. I was a driver tour guide (yes, i drove a big bus) in Alaska one summer
8. I love being creative (photography, crafting, sewing, crocheting, etc.)
9. I can't sing
10. I facebook/blog stalk...a lot
11. I am SUPER competitive
12. I hate having long nails
13. I loved being pregnant (and sincerely hope the rest of mine are as easy as the first)
14. I talk to my mom just about every day
15. I hate feet



My little sister got into the nursing program at Weber State University. Which is SUPER HARD to get into. People try for years and can't get in.

But my little sister did...YEAH!!
I am so excited for her.

Congrats Abby! You will be the most amazing nurse!!