Awkward & Awesome Thursday...

 Striped Top: Express ($15ish). Belt: DownEast ($4). White Pants: Express ($20ish). Purple Shoes: Steve Madden, Nordstrom ($80...yes I paid way too much for those shoes even though they were on sale).

On Chubbs: Shirt: Children's Place (<$5).  Pants: Old Navy ($8).

- Chocking on a pineapple (the juice) while at the dinner table
- Dressing up as Victoria Beckham for a work awards luncheon
- trying to put a diaper on Chubbs while he tries to roll around and flip over
- the Target check-out guy and Hubster discussing which underwear was cooler, the flash or ironman.

- the reverse working now in our car...prayers are answered!
- Finding a denim shirt & jacket for super cheap
- Hoodies
- This article about my favorite book
- Getting a free kinect (well, kinda free. I had to buy stuff to get the points) from my rewards checking account
- The Royal Wedding. I mean, really, this is pretty cool.
- Playing soccer again. I missed it.



Can't decide which is cuter...
Him or his bib...
Ok, that's a lie. It's totally him.

And even though Tressel is in some hot water right now. 
We are still Buckeyes!



We unfortunately did not have Munchkin on Sunday for Easter. Boo. 
But the Easter bunny did make it to our house Thursday night. 
Munchkin got a few toys along with How to Train Your Dragon and Tangled, and of course some eggs with candy. 
On Sunday, we went to church. It was great. 
Determined once again I really need to focus more on serving others. 
And the weather was nice. 

  Me and the handsome Chubster
Chubbs outfit: DKNY, TJMaxx (came as set - $15)

 Top: Express (<$15). Yellow Dress: Tulle ($15). Belt: AE ($7). Bracelet: F21 ($5). Shoes: Guess, Ross ($20)

Guess I should have busted out the tripod and sweet new remote to get a family picture...oops.  



Mr. Chubbs...

Those of you who look at my blog and are also my facebook friends, already have seen this picture (probably), so I apologize. 

But...for those who have not, I adore this picture. It turned out better than I could have hoped. I take a picture of Chubbs every week. 
And this was this week's picture. 
Week 27. 
And Happy Birthday to my Dad!!  
Don't worry, your post is coming later.


Awkward, Awesome & Lame-O Thursday...

Post Edit: You can't really see them, but Chubbs is wearing Munchkins old shorts. Size 3T. He is only 6 months old. He truly lives up to his nickname.

-  My hair in the morning after going to bed with it wet the night before
-  Meeting someone with the last name Bamfo...get it?
- Shaking all weird during a pedicure because the massage chair kept switching from knead to punch-you-in-the-back-uncomfortably-and-randomly
- munckin spilling his cereal all over him and the floor minutes before we have to leave for preschool/work
- getting to work and finding a nice spot of dried milk on my shirt from above incident
- trying to put my hair in a ponytail

- The show Parenthood. I won't lie. I love it.
- Warm weather and walks
- Getting paid to go the gym 3 hours a week during work time
- Munchkin excited to pay tithing 
- Finals being over this semester for Hubster 
- Pintrest
- Getting super cute texts from Hubster  
- Chubbs clapping his hands...all the time 

- This article about having to pay to try on clothes..what?!?!
- iTunes not working on my work computer
- my car not going into reverse...fingers crossed it's fixable and we don't have to get a new transmisison



Last week we went on a little walk around our neighbor hood. It was such a nice day out that we had to take advantage. We took a little different route and walked along main street. 

Chubbs was out as soon as we got out of our driveway. Clutching his little motorcycle. So cute. 

Me and the boys.


Yeah! Blossoms!

Later that night we roasted marshmallows. Munchkin fell asleep right by the fire. 


Sweet dreams.

Hubster is funny. Especially when he is asleep and I come to bed. 
Last night this is what he told me as I came in the room. 

"Whoa! Whoa! Turn off the light (no lights were on). It's blinding! Turn it off. Turn the radio off. It's too bright. 
It is pouring rain outside (it wasn't), and it's lightning in here! Why is it so bright? I'm not kidding, turn off the radio...and the lightning. 
(As I crawl into bed) You are stealing my blankets and there is now thunder all around. 
(I open the laptop) Whoa! Now there is even more lightning. And you have lightening fingers. 

Sometimes it's worth it to stay up just late enough to let him go to bed first.

And it's been raining, but at least it hasn't been....
 I don't dare say it in case I jinx it to happen again.

These are pretty but really? Snow on flowers in April? Please...

Oops...I said it.



The supposed highlight of a high school's life. 
When I was in high school we had two, count them, two dances each year. Prom & Homecoming. ok...we did have a few other super small dances or stomps occasionally, but two big dances. You know, the get-your-hair-done, spend-too-much-money on a dress kind of dance. 

From Freshman year to Junior year (because Juniors were in charge of Prom), we did fundraisers to pay for Prom. Since I was class pres those three years, I did it all. All the planning and fundraising and everything (with the help of other class officers of course!) for Prom for three years, along with my Mom since she was our class Advisor for those three years as well. Bless her heart. 
Our class raised a bunch of moolah. Like close to $20,000 for prom. No joke. 

There was a tradition of having Prom in our high school gym. Each class tried to out do the year before with decorations and the theme.

I thought it was a waste of money and time, plus the gym was HOT. Picture around 200 kids in a small gym, with no air conditioning, only like two doors to leave the gym open, and lots of dancing. It was a hot sweaty mess. 
So...as class officers we decided to move Prom.
It was a huge deal. I mean, a huge deal. Petitions started, threats flew it was pretty ridiculous. But ultimately we had the final say and we said, "move it!". 

So we did. We moved it to Eaglesticks which is a golf course with a gorgeous view. And it was awesome and gorgeous and way more classy than a high school gym. 

Now....please ask me where they have had Prom just about every single year since? Go ahead ask me....
(sorry for the crappy pic, it's the only decent one I could pull from their website)
Yup. Eaglesticks. 
And it was awesome. 
(go HERE and click Wedding Tent to see it) 
And that was nine years ago...wow. I can't believe I'm that old, or that my little brothers are old enough to go now. 

They went to their Prom (as seniors) and looked awesome. And so grown up. 

(thank you to those who took these photos and tagged my brother on facebook so I could see them)

Adam and his date (left), Paul and his date (right). 
I had to post this one just because of Paul. He is too funny.  

My super cute mom and Adam. 

 They are so hard core. 


Family Fun Magazine for $3

Go to http://www.tanga.com/products/disneys-family-fun-magazine-subscription--33 to get a year's subscription to Family Fun for only $3. Just enter DISNEY at check out!

I love a good, inexpensive magazie subscription. And this one in particular reminds me of growing up and having these laying around our house.

I have one crafty momma in case you were wondering.


Awkward & Awesome Thursday...

- Being in a meeting with someone I was supposed to email information to a few days ago and remembering I hadn't done it yet
- Walking real fast through the grocery store in heels and losing my footing a little bit on those darn slippery floors right in front of the cash register
- Hoarders on TLC
- Having a strand of hair down my shirt during work that I can't seem to nonchalantly get out
- Going for a walk with my boys and our dog, Stella. Then stopping to talk to a neighbor also out for a walk and then while holding Stella's leash she darts over to a puddle and me not paying any attention and getting pulled to the ground in the middle of the street.

- My Birthday
- 6 month stats of Chubbs: 96% for length & head, 99% for weight.
- Finding a great new sitter for Chubbs.
- New my present...arriving tomorrow!
- Warm enough weather for a walk.
- Finding a hefty stack of clothes for Chubbs stored away in a tote.

Awkward & Awesome
- Chubbs & his cousin at 5 days old

Cousins: 5 days old, 6 months, 2 yrs, 5 yrs, 5 yrs old


Happy Birthday to Me!!

Yesterday I turned 26.

And if I knew any other languages I would spell them in that language too. I can count fairly high in french, but i'm not going to go to the effort in trying to remember how to spell it correctly. 

Black Top: Express ($12ish). Belt: Express ($4). Leggings: TJMaxx ($5). Boots: Aldo

This was the first year of my life where my birthday just didn't give me the high it normally does. It used to be MY BIRTHDAY. Now it has turned into, 'yup. today is my birthday.' 
I got phone calls from my family with a handful of them leaving me some wonderful renditions of "Happy Birthday" on my voice mail, a grundle of facebook posts, and three cakes. 

Yes. Three. 
One from my awesome co-worker. 
One from my brother and sister who came to my work with cake in hand, candles lit and sang to me. So great. 
One from my sweet husband who even made pink frosting and felt bad I came home with the previous two cakes in hand. Maybe I can try out the cake pops I have been wanting to try now. 

After work we went to Olive Garden. Chubbs was getting irritated sitting in his car seat. Hubster suggested a high chair. I thought, "No! A high chair. He can't be big enough for a high chair." But I asked for one anyway, got Chubbs all situated in it and he was in heaven. With toys clasped in each hand he was set and he did great. He never teetered, just tried to grab anything he could get his pudgy hands on. 
My little boy grew up once again right in front of me. 
Blue Top: Old Navy ($6). Skinny Jeans: Old Navy ($10). Shoes: Children's Place ($5).
Then I saw a girl with super cute hair. Took her picture, and I didn't feel awkward at all. Women love it when you compliment their hair, and wanting to take a picture of it...even better! You are welcome cute hair gal.

Thanks to my little family for celebrating my birthday with me.




Hubster was there too even though you see no proof. 

Happy Birfday Cinderellie

Birthday Post coming later today. 
Pinkie swear. 
Also, my birthday present will arrive Friday. 
I'm super excited!!
I will tell you what it is...after I see if first.


Awkward & Awesome Thursday...or Friday...

I'm a day late...yada, yada. Go ahead and get after me. I have been swamped at work and when I'm home with the kiddos they have my full attention. So, I'm sorry, but not really.
Awkward and AwesomeMunckin put these on Chubbs head and didn't say anything, when we came back in the room Hubster and I about died laughing. It's nice to have those good-hard-belly-shakin' laughs every now and then.


- Looking for where I parked my car while a good portion of the university's football team is walking through the same same lot. 
- Having some of them men I work with stare at me trying to figure out what is different about me.
- Trying to keep a straight face (and not pee my pants in terror) as a guy comes into my office with hair and facial hair past his shoulders, draped in a blue cloak, with his hands hidden underneath telling me he wants to complain about an advertisement.
- Going to sleep the same time as Hubster, then in the morning telling me there is a plate of brownies on the counter that were not there when we went to bed
- Knowing certain event have occurred thanks to facebook and blogs

- Being a new aunt! Congrats to my sis-in-law on her baby girl!
- Having the kiddos come visit me at work
- My amazing bro & sis babysitting for me super last minute.
- The snow again. Well, not really, but it's not awkward, so I had to through it in somewhere.
- Pandora
- This article in the Huffington Post


it's been a while crocodile..

So sorry I haven't posted in a few days. This past weekend was busy. 
I was mostly absorbed watching General ConferenceAnd let me tell you, it was awesome. But then again, it's always awesome. Getting to hear from a Prophet and Apostles in our day is such an amazing blessing.

Monday I had a migraine...nasty things those migraines. So, I was pretty much m.i.a.  Thanks to my sweet sister who came and babysat for me so I could sleep for a bit, and then changed Chubbs after he blew out of his diaper, and later whooped me in a game of Toy Story memory. Ok, so not the last one, because I hate to lose, but a for sure thanks on the rest.

And the weather was nice for about 1.587606 hours on Saturday so we went outside.

Big boy Chubbs can sit up all on his own now and does so very well.



Jacket: Thrifted, DI ($6). Striped Top: Gap ($9). Necklace: The Limited ($9). Jeans: Express ($25). Belt: Borrowed from Hubster ($0). Shoes: Guess, Ross ($16).


And the munchkin and I having fun. We love our kids so much...especially squishing their faces...

and throwing them in the air.


Hey You! What's New?

That would be my do...


 Before & After
I finally had enough to donate. Over 11 inches!

This is kinda how I feel about the cut...

I am still getting used to how short it is in the back. Don't get me wrong, I am already loving it way more than my long hair. I have had short hair before, but this is the shortest. My super cute hairdresser even had to bust out the clippers and shave a teensy bit of my neck. Whoa. That was weird. 
I am going to try it out for a little while and see how it goes. I may go shorter, or grow it out a little to get more of a bob look and less of an A-line, plus get those bangs long again.

White Button Up: American Eagle ($15ish). Sweater: Nordstrom ($15ish). Belt: Downeast Outfitters ($4).  Jeans: Level 99, Dillards ($50).  Shoes: BCBG, TJMaxx ($20)