Awkward & Awesome Friday

I know I normally do my Awkward & Awesome post on Thursdays (when I do get around to doing it), but today you get it Friday.

- having my shirt come unbuttoned at some point during my short trip to the mall. I noticed at the back of payless, hopefully I was the only one who did.
- while at payless, having to get Chubbs THESE SHOES because they were the only ones that fit.
- a girl who I see several times a week, walking around campus barefoot. I mean, all the time, everywhere. And no, she doesn't have any problems with her back or feet. I asked before I made my face of disgust.  I mean, I'm not that rude.
- Chubbs eating it on a step, and getting a nice scrape on his head a few days before family pictures.
- Trying to find "skunk friend" for Munchkin at 3am, in the dark under his bed, then having him tell me a few minutes later he found it next to him.

- New Girl. The show, on FOX. Yeah, I love it.
- Short hair. It's great.
- My neighbor for taking time out of her hectic schedule to trim up the back of my hair so I didn't have a rat tail.
- Pandora...until I hit my monthly free listening limit
- Coaching my soccer team, it's awesome.
- Having a boy on my soccer team out of the blue tell me that he was a Utes fan, and was so excited when I told him I was as well.
- Vegas a few weekends ago with Hubster. I would load my pictures, but blogger is only letting me upload one at a time. lame.
- When Chubbs says "Uh-oh". It's seriously the cutest thing ever.



Next week, I'll you about the weekend trip I took a few weeks ago.
One of my favorite pictures from there.


Awkward & Awesome Thursday...

It was brought to my attention (thank you Katelyn and Hubster) that is has been a while since I posted an Awkward and Awesome post.

- The Buff headband. My mom bought a few. As you can see, everyone wanted a turn wearing one.
- Having to keep Chubbs from hitting, or pulling down a large projector screen about 274 times during the Utah vs. BYU game...at a friends house. This required getting up and down from our seats just as many times.
- Trying to figure out why people stare nervously at my brother and I when we are together...oh yeah, I know, it goes like this, "No. We aren't married. This is my brother. Yes, we look a lot a like. And this is my child, not ours."
-About eating it as I walked down the steps at my house, then having Munchkin say, "Walk much Mom?" (so the second part was awesome)
- Pulling up to the bank in the very first stall, closest to the window and totally going over the curb. Thank you sweet lady at the bank for pretending not to notice. I think it might have been less awkward if you had, then I could have at least made a joke about it. 

- seeing my little soccer team of excited five years old score goals and just run their hearts out.
- Utah vs. BYU football game...enough said.
- Chubbs walking ev-er-y-wh-ere. 
- I bought Munckin some skinny jeans while I was in Vegas for my anniversary (yes, I will post pictures soon), and by some I mean four pair. Yes, four, and I should have bought more. After showing them to Munchkin and later getting him ready for bed he asks, "Mom, can I wear my skinny jeans to bed?" Man, I love this kid. 
- Munchkin not wanting to wear his above mentioned jeans in red until the day the Utes played. I mean, this kid is too awesome.
- Meeting Matisyahu - and getting my brother sweet seats for his performance.



I'm pretty sure people here in Utah don't say Putt-Putt, but it's way more fun to say than minature golf. And since I'm from Ohio and that is what we say, that is what you get. 
You're welcome. You should now feel slightly more cultured.

Me and my boys. Can you tell it was a little bright out by Chubbs face?

Munchkin was determined to get it in the middle slot.

He had to have his own club 

Shirt: Gap ($10ish). Cami: Wet Seal (super old). Jeans: Gap ($20ish). 
On Munchkin - Polo (and yes, I pop his collar): Children's Place ($5). Shorts: Old Navy ($5ish).


excuse me sir....MMAAAAMMMMMM!

Ever heard of Brian Regan? If not, you won't get my post title and you are missing out. He is one funny man.

When my mom was in town and had her cut my hair even shorter. And I love it. Love it!

Shirt: Gap ($10ish). Skirt: Thrifted, D.I. ($5). Shoes: Bakers ($20). Necklace: Charlotte Russe ($12). Ring: F21? H&M? ($4ish). Bag: TJMaxx ($20). Scarf: Gap (super old). 

Did you really think I would leave you hanging? Or have to google this stuff yourself? Pshaw...no. Here you go.

Listen from 3:30-4:00 to hear the gender mixup bit, but listening to the entire thing, will not be a waste of five minutes of your life. Pinkie swear.


getting so big...

My little Munchkin started Kindergarten! He is growing up so fast, becoming so witty and more and more adventurous. 

We wanted to make a present for his teacher, and instead of a crayon wreath, we decided on her intial of her last name. Turned out great, and was super cheap! I cut an "H" out of a cardboard box, glued some scrapbook paper on the back, attached the ribbon with glue and then all the crayons. I bought some boxes of 24 crayons for $.40 at Walmart and used about 4 boxes (after taking out all the cream, white, black, gray and brown). Super cheap and super easy!

My handsome boy. 

Right before walking into class, I almost cried. But ended up crying the second time I dropped him off instead of the first.


fun times with grandma

We of course went swimming

 Trying to get Chubbs to jump

Glasses: JMR ($12...my second pair, because I lost the first. And now I have lost this pair...grr.). Black Suit: Old Navy ($12ish).

I took something away from Chubbs and he was not happy about it. 

Kisses for Grandma

Dress: DownEast ($10ish). Shoes: Steve Madden, TJ Maxx (super old). 


more film

Remember that roll of film I finally developed?
Here are some more yummies...

This kid is walking everywhere now...

How I love this one...


summer is winding down...

Oh, the good old day of summer are far and few between. I finally developed a roll of film from the past few months. I think the top one is my new favorite picture.


quick visit...

My amazing, wonderful, gorgeous madre was here the past week for a visit. It was SO much fun to have "grandma jo" visit us (and clean our house).

We played and hung out and just enjoyed her company. We don't get enough of her around these parts...

Chubbs & Grandma right before leaving for the airport (or...whairport as Munchkin calls it).

And an outfit...I didn't include the bottom half because after looking at the pictures it was so not a flattering outfit. Lesson learned.
Jacket: Gap ($25ish). Shirt: Thrifted, D.I. ($3). Pants: Old Navy ($6). Necklace: Aldo ($10). Belt: Borrowed.

Chubbs and Me.

I sure love being a mom, and having an incredible one.