back to school bash...

I wanted to have a little back to school party. And I wanted to make it a little more special, so we ate  in the back yard, and it was awesome. 

The Guest List:


Coke in a bottle always tastes so much better

My little man


our little party...

We had a back to school party.
It was super fun.
Stop by tomorrow to see the rest of the pictures!


love me some D.I.

I bought this shirt a few weeks back and after wearing it to church, I love it!
Plus is was only $3 so that makes it even better...right?

There were this dinky little cheap pearls on the little necklace-ish design, but I just cut them off and like the shirt lots more without them. Guess a before picture would have been nice huh? Sorry 'bout that. 

Top: D.I. ($3). Skirt & Belt: H&M ($25?). Necklaces: NY&Co. and Forever 21. Bracelets and Watch: NY&Co., Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. Shoes: Ross ($20ish).


one for...

seven? eight? I don't know many days I have missed in posting. I think I am about one post for 37 days to be honest.  I'm sorry.

I took both of these shots a while back. A film vs. digital post. 
Which do you like better?


so yeah....

 I haven't written for a week or more, but ehh...whose counting right?

I have been spending some much needed time with my boys.

 Munchkin loves these sheets.

 Is this not the funniest picture ever? I think so.
Not sure where this face came from.