Can you??

Can you be petrified and excited at the same time? 

Yes you can. 



During my quick visit back home to Ohio, we made a jaunt up to Kirtland. It was fun to go visit it again since I hadn't been there in years! 

He was such a trooper!

The Historic Kirtland Temple!

More to come...


a little bit of sunshine...

Last week, I was able to go to Ohio to surprise my family for a quick visit. It was awesome. And obviously I didn't blog at all. 
I have a handful of pictures from my trip, but that will come later. 

Today I need to write about my little Munchkin man who turned SIX Wednesday! I can't believe it. I have know him since he was just about 19 months old and got to be his Mom when he two and a half. 

It has been such a pleasure to be his Mom. 

Man, I love this kid. He is so funny and such a kind heart. He loves his brother and loves to be outside playing. 

To be continued...


Go Granny Go!

My grandma is an amazing artist. I mean amazing. She specializing in woodblock printing, which is a very difficult medium that requires great skill and mounds of patience. 

Four Generations. Me, Grandma Wilson, Pops and Chubbs.

 '7th Avenue Poplars'

'I Remember'

And my all-time favorite picture by my Grandma...why? 
Because this my friends, is me.

'Girl in a Red Chair'

(images via Google: Blanche Wilson artist. Yup, you can google my grandma)

She is showing off her skills at the LDS Church History Museum in Salt Lake City on Friday. 

Here is the article for more info:

LDS Church History Museum Hosts Artists at Work



Treehouse Museum.

Once upon a time, the museum was in the Ogden/Newgate mall. I remember going there as a little girl and sitting on this chair/large lady's lap. It was so neat. They had a slide that went inside the treehouse and out the bottom. It was amazing. 

It has been a little while since I went to the tree house museum, which has relocated as the mall is not longer even there, but they still had the old lady and then slide. 

This time...they had neither. 
I was so mad! So upset! They had gotten rid of those precious childhood memories I had of those two things. Such a disappointment. 

Nonetheless, we still had a good time. 

 These two had a blast.

This kid was in heaven.

The music room was by far the favorite of the day. These two would have played in here the entire time if I would have let them. 

Stealing the chess pieces. 

And a disclaimer...I really try to avoid dressing my kids in the same thing, I just think it's weird. But Munchkin insisted that he wear the same thing as his brother and I wasn't in the mood to put up a fight.


We went to the Living Planet Aquarium on a saturday. Bad idea. There were a ton of people there. It was a little crowded, but we still got to see everything, just a lot more waiting our turn. Next time, we will go during the week.

Looking for the otters.

They were totally asleep. Lame. 

Touching a sting ray. Of course this requires such concentration that makes him stick his tongue out. 

And Chubbs of course having to do the same thing at Munchkin. 
 Doesn't matter that he can't see, he just wants to touch it because Munchkin did.

I love this pictures. It's kinda hard to tell, but Chubbs is looking at Munchkin, but actually making oowing and awing noise. So cute. 

This is the only photo that they were even remotely looking at me. 

Now that Chubbs is a little older, it's fun to take him to places like this and see his reaction. He loved the frogs and the penguins.  Munchkin's favorite was the stingray.


time flies...

My little boys are growing up! Chubbs is almost 17 months old and Munchkin will be six later this month. So crazy. 

I took this top picture just over a year ago and this bottom one just the other day. 
Some things never change, and some things do. 

The other day I actually wore something cute to work and had the time to iron it. Ironing is a total deal breaker in deciding what I am going to wear for the day and 99% of the time, if it needs to be ironed it doesn't get worn for a while. 

So Munckin took my picture, then insisted I take his...
Dress: Tulle ($7.50), Sweater: Old Navy (super old), Leggings: NY&Co (old). Boots: BDBG, TJ Maxx ($50). 

His pose

He's gonna break some hearts one day.
 Shirt: Ralph Lauren, TJ Maxx ($10). White Top: Old Navy ($5). Jeans: H&M ($14.95). Shoes: H&M ($10). 

Then there is Chubbs who just wanted to hold the camera. 

He was satisfied with taking a picture of himself then looking at it right after.