meet me...

Well, hello! 


Thanks for happening upon my little blog. 
I'm Mackenzie (you can high five the screen or just wave if you want...I'll even take a little head nod if you want to be inconspicuous)!

I am the oldest of five kids, so go ahead and label me Red, or Type A or whatever you like, because that pretty much fits me. I have a handful of nicknames that have been given to me from friends and family, with some being more obvious than others...Kenz, Kenzie, Mac, Zie, Hoots, Kenzallni (thanks to my little brother for this one), Kendala, Hoots, Magoots, Hoots Scoots Magoots (the last three are courtesy of my dad). 

I'm married and have two kids. Munchkin and Chubbs.

I love a lot of things and learning to become better at most of them...being a Mom, soccer, my faith, photography, film photography, sewing, crafting, dressing up, big baggy sweats, summer nights, fireflies, french fries, popcorn, short hair, short nails, talking, shopping and so much more.

Nice to meet you.