A new tradition...

Our little man turned SIX a few weeks ago. I just can't believe how old he is getting. 
We had some family over for his birthday to open some presents.
These were his favorite presents.

Per his request...a soccer cake.

And one of my favorite parts of his birthday. Sitting down with him and interviewing him. I have meant to do this before, but just kept slipping my mind. 
He had a good time answering the questions as well!


Home - Cute - Home

My house in Ohio is so stinkin' cute! I mean, it really is. My mom has done an amazing job with it.





This is a chain link counter my sister made for my mom for her to count how many weeks until Paul gets home from his mission!
So clever to put it in an awesome, huge jar.


This artwork was done my Grandma Wilson.


I always hate leaving this house, because I have so many memories in it. It really was a great home to grow up in. 


Kirtland Part Two...

Remember that one time I was going to post more about Kirtland?
Well, here it is.

Chubbs: Shirt, Hurley via D.I. ($3). Jeans: Old Navy. Shoes: Jordan ($20). 
Me: Top: H&M (Boys Section: $7). Jeans: Express (old). Shoes: Chucks.

We were the only ones there that day, so we got to take the tour at our own pace and have a good time. 
The weather was perfect too.