Disneyland Day Two...

The second day we went to California Adventure Park and had a blast. The boys loved it and once again we had great weather. The highlight for Chubbs was the Bugs Life land area. He loved the lady bugs that spun really fast and probably would have ridden that twenty times in a row if we had let him.  
We made the second day our long day. We got there pretty early and left after World of Color which ended around 10pm. The parade was awesome and we were super impressed. We took a nice break for an early dinner and saved a spot in the shade for the parade. 
The World of Color was awesome. It's a water show that you don't want to miss. I thought it might be lame (I was thinking of the Vegas water shows), but it wasn't like that at all. They spray water up and then project images from different Disney movies on the water and it's seriously amazing. Totally worth it. 

Next post...things we learned from our trip to Disneyland. 

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Jenny said...

Fun! Cute pictures!