Treehouse Museum.

Once upon a time, the museum was in the Ogden/Newgate mall. I remember going there as a little girl and sitting on this chair/large lady's lap. It was so neat. They had a slide that went inside the treehouse and out the bottom. It was amazing. 

It has been a little while since I went to the tree house museum, which has relocated as the mall is not longer even there, but they still had the old lady and then slide. 

This time...they had neither. 
I was so mad! So upset! They had gotten rid of those precious childhood memories I had of those two things. Such a disappointment. 

Nonetheless, we still had a good time. 

 These two had a blast.

This kid was in heaven.

The music room was by far the favorite of the day. These two would have played in here the entire time if I would have let them. 

Stealing the chess pieces. 

And a disclaimer...I really try to avoid dressing my kids in the same thing, I just think it's weird. But Munchkin insisted that he wear the same thing as his brother and I wasn't in the mood to put up a fight.

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