time flies...

My little boys are growing up! Chubbs is almost 17 months old and Munchkin will be six later this month. So crazy. 

I took this top picture just over a year ago and this bottom one just the other day. 
Some things never change, and some things do. 

The other day I actually wore something cute to work and had the time to iron it. Ironing is a total deal breaker in deciding what I am going to wear for the day and 99% of the time, if it needs to be ironed it doesn't get worn for a while. 

So Munckin took my picture, then insisted I take his...
Dress: Tulle ($7.50), Sweater: Old Navy (super old), Leggings: NY&Co (old). Boots: BDBG, TJ Maxx ($50). 

His pose

He's gonna break some hearts one day.
 Shirt: Ralph Lauren, TJ Maxx ($10). White Top: Old Navy ($5). Jeans: H&M ($14.95). Shoes: H&M ($10). 

Then there is Chubbs who just wanted to hold the camera. 

He was satisfied with taking a picture of himself then looking at it right after. 


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