july 4th

This 4th of July was..ehhh. It was ok. We didn't have Munchkin so it wasn't super exciting. 
The parade was ok. About half of all the entries I'm pretty sure were dancing groups and only a handful of actual floats. 

Our neighbor was ready for a fight.

Hubster and Chubbs.

Chubbs wasn't happy as I covered his ears as the fire engines blew their super loud horns. 

neighboor kids

More neighbor kids and their madre.

How Chubbs spent about 90% of the parade.

I'm sure this was a total coincidence. 

Swimming at the Gparents after the parade...two of my cousins.

 My brother would have gotten killed if actually went through with this.

He was so tired.

Chubbs at almost 9 months and his 6 month old cousin (or second cousin, or cousin once removed...it's my cousin's kid.)

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