two posts in one day...

Can you believe it? Cause I can't...

Want to know what else I can't believe?
That I'm wearing my 5-year old sons sweater. 
Yup. Promise.

Um excuse me? Miss? Your pockets are showing...
Sweater: Gymboree, Boy's section ($6). Sequin Top: Express ($10). Jeans: Express ($30?). Shoes: Target ($9). Necklace: the vintage pearl.

I was looking for my brown sweater. No where to be found. Then I remembered my sister had it...crap. I needed a brown sweater! 

Then I this conversation with Munchkin that happened a few days ago popped into my head...

Me: Munchkin, I need to come try this sweater on please.
Munchkin: No. 
Me: Yes, please.
Munchkin: No, that's a girl sweater.
Me: Pshaww...No it's not! It's a boys sweater, promise.
Munchkin: Ok.
He then tries on the sweater which should fit him perfect this fall (after a nice run through the dryer).

My next thought was...do you think people would notice?
Then...well, I certainly don't care if they do. 

So, I wore it.

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