Disney on Ice...

A few weeks ago, we took Munchkin to Disney on Ice. We had gone before, but it had been a few years so we decided to go again. 

We went in, found our seats, then decided to look around at the super over-priced toys while Hubster parked the car. Once the show started, we hurried back to our seats a few rows from the top on the lower level. 

Then Hubster asked the usher lady where his seat was, then found us and came to sit with us. The usher lady followed him to his seat and then asked us how many were in our party. Then she gave us tickets on the 4th row!! We were super grateful and it was so fun to be so close. And the fact that I only paid $11 for each of our tickets made it that much better.

Munchkin loved the Lion King and the Incredibles. I thought the Lion King was pretty sweet and liked the animals/Lost boys from Peter Pan.

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