awkward & awesome thursday...

Top: Munchkin's face paint from school, our stolen spider we put inside our neighbors house after they stole it from our roof. Chubbs relaxing after a tough night of trick-or-treating.
Middle: Items I found in our sub-woofer that Chubbs dropped in through the front. Chubbs trying out his car seat. Munchkin at his first wrestling meet (he did great!).
Bottom: Where I found Chubbs after I got him out of the bath and was grabbing him pajamas and a diaper. Tree on my walk from my car to my office. Chubbs in his new winter hat.

- Going to dinner with some buddies to celebrate a birthday of one of them...getting a reservation...then being sat...at two different tables. Oh thanks seating lady! We really wanted to sit at two different tables, not all together so we can all talk and catch up. Thank you.
- Our staff meeting at work. I can't even begin to explain, but if you want to know, just call me and I'll tell you.
- Walking towards someone along a really long sidewalk, then thinking, "When do I look up and make eye contact? Do I do it twice if I do it too soon? Do I pretend I didn't really see them the first time, but then if they see me as I'm looking away, then I look back again when I get closer and they don't look up am I being rude? Should I smile if I look up more than once?"

- Meeting Kaylee from the Biggest Loser, Season 11. Apparently she works at Texas Roadhouse close to where I live. I wanted to take a picture with her, but my sister said it was dorky, so I didn't. Sorry.
- Chubbs dancing and walking backwards. Seriously the cutest/funniest thing ever.
- Munchkin going to wrestling camp and a tournament. He did really well having never wrestled before and really having no idea what he was doing!
- Book club


J.lee Hansen said...

I love your awesome list. Mr. Munchkin wrestling, I bet that was amazing.

Abby said...

Hooooly cow, those pictures!!!!!!! They are absolutely beautiful. I especially love the one of you and porter looking at each other. Kills me! Love them so much!!!

Ps. Thank you again for the spider decor. Til next year...