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For months I have been listening to my mom tell me about a young woman, Emma, (in my church in Ohio) who is getting sick and having all sorts of problems and no doctors can figure out why. It truly breaks my heart as this family has already suffered through so many things a family should never have to deal with. 

There have been many, many prayers offered in behalf of Emma and her family, but as of yet no diagnosis has been found. I reaching out anyway I can to see if anybody can provide any insight to her help her condition. 

The following is an email sent from the grandma of Emma in attempt to get help from anyone...
"The first symptom for Emma was last of March, 1st of April while she was running track. She had a rash develop on one hand then the next day in the exact same place on the opposite hand. It worked up her arm and then her face which took the pigment from her skin. 
Then she started seeing double and had a hard time reading at the end of school which progressed through the summer. Next there were spots all over ( she called them auras). She has a ringing in her ears. She then would be walking along and she would fall down for no apparent reason. 
In June she did a dive into a pool and her feet flipped over her head and as she was swimming to the side of the pool her back was hurting. That seemed to heal and there is not back pain any more. 
She then began to tremble. As you would hold her hand you could feel trembles in her arms and hands. She began have hallucinations, which prompted Christine, (her mother), to take her to emergency at children's hospital in Columbus. They gave her some anti anxiety med which really dopes her up. This trembling has progressed to arms flailing uncontrollably and her can't hold her head up and she can't speak because of the trembling in her neck and voice. She is beginning not to be able to swallow when she sucks on a straw. She was walking with her mothers help and has progress to the point of not walking at all. 
She has head, neck IGI's, Eeg's, blood tests, spinal tap - some tested at Nationwide Children's Hospital and some sent to Mayo Clinic - all come back normal. The last Tuesday was started an IV Ig treatment of 4 hour drip for 4 days, hoping to treat lupus, auto immune problems. Saturday was the last treatment. The tests came back that those were not the problems. She is on the Neurology floor at Children's hospital where she has been all the times she has been in the hospital. Last night they did an longer Eeg and have monitored her all night."
 Please feel free to forward this on if you wish, or email me at mackenzie12@gmail.com if you any information that would be helpful. 

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