Santa and his Reindeer...

Hubster brought Chubbs to my work to visit Santa and his reindeer. 
Chubbs l.o.v.e.d. the reindeer. 
Good thing there was a gate around the reindeer or he probably would have tried to climb on their backs.

  Chubbs - Hat: H&M ($5ish). Jacket: Columbia via TJ Maxx ($10). Shirt: Free via hand-me-down. Jeans: The Children's Place ($0 with coupons). Shoes: Vans ($35). 
Me - Sweater: Kenzie via TJ Maxx ($25). Shirt: Shade (old). Jeans: American Eagle (super old). Shoes: Puma (super, super old).

Santa, however, was a totally different story. I wasn't able to get him to even let go of me when I tried to put him on Santa's lap. 

Santa did however get him to give him the rock. 
We will take it. 

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