excuse me sir....MMAAAAMMMMMM!

Ever heard of Brian Regan? If not, you won't get my post title and you are missing out. He is one funny man.

When my mom was in town and had her cut my hair even shorter. And I love it. Love it!

Shirt: Gap ($10ish). Skirt: Thrifted, D.I. ($5). Shoes: Bakers ($20). Necklace: Charlotte Russe ($12). Ring: F21? H&M? ($4ish). Bag: TJMaxx ($20). Scarf: Gap (super old). 

Did you really think I would leave you hanging? Or have to google this stuff yourself? Pshaw...no. Here you go.

Listen from 3:30-4:00 to hear the gender mixup bit, but listening to the entire thing, will not be a waste of five minutes of your life. Pinkie swear.

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