Awkward & Awesome Friday

I know I normally do my Awkward & Awesome post on Thursdays (when I do get around to doing it), but today you get it Friday.

- having my shirt come unbuttoned at some point during my short trip to the mall. I noticed at the back of payless, hopefully I was the only one who did.
- while at payless, having to get Chubbs THESE SHOES because they were the only ones that fit.
- a girl who I see several times a week, walking around campus barefoot. I mean, all the time, everywhere. And no, she doesn't have any problems with her back or feet. I asked before I made my face of disgust.  I mean, I'm not that rude.
- Chubbs eating it on a step, and getting a nice scrape on his head a few days before family pictures.
- Trying to find "skunk friend" for Munchkin at 3am, in the dark under his bed, then having him tell me a few minutes later he found it next to him.

- New Girl. The show, on FOX. Yeah, I love it.
- Short hair. It's great.
- My neighbor for taking time out of her hectic schedule to trim up the back of my hair so I didn't have a rat tail.
- Pandora...until I hit my monthly free listening limit
- Coaching my soccer team, it's awesome.
- Having a boy on my soccer team out of the blue tell me that he was a Utes fan, and was so excited when I told him I was as well.
- Vegas a few weekends ago with Hubster. I would load my pictures, but blogger is only letting me upload one at a time. lame.
- When Chubbs says "Uh-oh". It's seriously the cutest thing ever.

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becky rigby said...

I love Thursdays just for this reason. =) Pandora just sent me an email telilng me they are getting rid of monthly limits.