Awkward & Awesome Thursday

I'm not sure what THIS event would be categorized under, probably neither.
But my little hometown of Zanesville, Ohio made it into the headlines.
I am super sad that all those animals had to be killed, but fully agree with the decision on the Muskingum County law enforcement in their actions. 
Boo to you Terry Thompson for being the sole reason all those animals died.

- Losing my car in the parking lot. This happens too often.
- Hubster's phone sending text messages to random people in his phone
- Seeing a sheriff badge duct taped to the podium and the Muskingum County Sheriff gave a press release. I mean, really? Someone couldn't have made a little loop and stuck it on the back?
- Scooting myself along a big metal gate to avoid stepping in the mud in 4" wedge heels for family pictures. Then climbing over the fence. Although I made it, so I guess that is awesome.
- Feeding Chubbs one morning, half asleep and then realizing he did in fact manage to leak out of his diaper and pee on my lap. Good morning to me.

- These videos (one, two and three) made by two of my buddies for the Weber State University campus stores
- Pumpkin patches
- Hot chocolate...or Ho Choch and my old roomies and I used to say it
- While driving to work, seeing a super old lady (like in her 80's) walking down the street with hot pink Skullcandy headphones.
- My little bro's turning their mission papers in!
- My little man, Chubbs, turned ONE!! Holy crap!
- And the Hubster had a bday too.!

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CaLLie.ANN said...

"Hubsters" arms are HUGE. Like, super muscley.