The Party

I didn't get as great of pictures as I should have, but we sure had a good time.

The Birthday Boy

Some of the treats

Chubbs and one of the cute neighbor girls who just loves him.

Singing Happy Birthday!


Loving the cake

His pants got a little dirty after eating his cake. Plus his chubby legs are so cute!

 Pulling the pinata to break it...much safer...and easier. And tricky me, tied up the string that pulled the bottom out in hopes that all the kids would get a turn and pull the long ones first. 

Totally worked! We got down to the very last ribbon.

Hubster's sweet new blanket.


THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all those friends and family who came, visited and spoiled my boys. THANK YOU!!

And a very unflattering picture of me...
Shirt: H&M ($5). Pants: Gap. Belt: Downeast ($5). Shoes: Express (free with coupon). Chubbs shirt: H&M ($7ish).


CaLLie.ANN said...

Love the "UTE" with pictures. SO cute.

Kathleen said...

Such a cute party!! It looks like it was a lot of fun!

Annalee said...

Aw cute! Wish I could've been there!