Awkward & Awesome Thursday

October according to my iPhone. 
Top: Hubster's picture he changed as my background, as I promptly changed back to a pic of my boys; Thriller @ WSU...awesome; Chubbs trying a lime.
Middle: View from the pumpkin patch; the boys enjoying bath time; a wreath a made for halloween.
Bottom: Boys going for a ride at the pumpkin patch; Chubbs getting ready for halloween; Chubbs as a chubby dinosaur.

- Let's go with super awkward on this one...had a guy come into my office fresh out of jail. I know him by name and over the years tried to have as few interactions with him as possible.
For over an hour, I heard him tell stories about his stint in jail...wow. Apparently he...
  - shared a cell with the Mitchell guy from the Elizabeth Smart case
  - was in jail at one point with Michael Vick, some Piston basketball players, and some chinese guy from Goonies
Then he told us:
 - how light bulbs can used to cut someone up.
 - way too much information on his experience in prison.
 - how he is stuck in the state for 15 years on parole.

Then (as a married man) gave a lady I work with two kisses on the cheek with very inappropriate hugging.  I knew this guy when I was in school and he was always inappropriately flirting with girls. Gah. Certainly not someone I ever wanted to run into again.

Wow. Wish you could have been there, but at the same really glad nobody else was.

 - Fall colors. Granted they aren't nearly as pretty or vibrant as they are back east, but I still enjoy them.
- pumpkin patches. Just fun. 
- Finding an enormous blow up spider in my garage (from years and years ago) and putting it in my front yard (specifically for my neighbor...well, and Munchkin. He thinks it's pretty cool.)
- Seeing Chubbs learn new words 
- short hair. Seriously takes me like two minutes to fix
- My twin brother's getting their mission calls...almost. They are supposedly in the mail.

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