Day 1...

A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was...

My day has been a very decent one thus far. (I was saying that with an English accent in my head)
Started out by waking up about 5am to kiss the Hubster goodbye, then again at 6:15am to get the Chubbs out of his crib to feed him.
That kid can't miss a meal.

Then, the least favorite part of my day, dropping Chubbs off the babysitters. Then to work. Ugh. I hate working. I don't hate my job, I hate working.

But...my sweet hubster surprised me at work and took me out to lunch. So great.

Then back to work I went, and am still here for another hour+. Blah.

Oh, and a picture...

Chubbs and Me. Christmas 2010

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