Day 12...

A photograph of the town you live in.
Yeah, this is a stupid one so I'm going to change it to....

Something that you miss...
(got this off of my cousin's blog for her 30 day challenge)

my mom. and my dad.
because they pretty much rock and are amazing parents. they are the kind you wish you had. but i'm the lucky one who actually has them as parents.
parents live in ohio. boo. too far away.

they live with these two.
my twin brothers.
miss them too.
and I can't believe they are graduating high school this year!! so crazy.

my dog willie. such a great dog as I mentioned here.
he also lives in Ohio.
and lastly, my munchkin. I miss him because legally he isn't mine. He is my stepson. I hate using that word because as far as I am concerned he is my kid. I love him like he is mine. He calls me mom and the list goes on and on.
so the short version...we (hubster and i) share custody of porter with hubster's ex-wife so we only get him every few days.

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