Day 6...

A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

Honestly...the one I already have.

This is Stella. (go ahead and wave if you like)


Hubster doesn't like Stella.
Not sure why.
I like her.
I hope she knows because I am terrible about walking her.

Just a story as to why...

I grew up in Ohio (O..H....you say I...O...in case you didn't know). We had a dog (he's still around) Willie. He is pretty much the perfect dog. He has never been chained up in his life. Stays in the yard, and around the house. Barks and looks really mean when strangers come to the house. But would never actually hurt a soul (well, unless you are a small animal that will run. you don't have a chance). We never really trained him to do any of this it just happened. He is a great dog.

I thought my lab would do the same as Willie did. Well I was sorely let down. Stella doesn't have acres to roam like Willie does. Oh yeah...and we have neighbors. And neighbors don't like my Stella. Especially when she goes in their backyard and snoops around. Can't really blame her, but it's a no-no. I have tried to explain this to her, but she doesn't get it. Anyway, blah-blah-blah, she is in a big fenced in area in the backyard. She doesn't get near the attention she should, and she can't just roam free like she be able to. I truly feel bad, but I don't think Hubster does. He always tells people they can have her. I know he won't give her away...I think.

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