Growth Hormone

Thought I would deviate from the 30 day thing for a minute...

I have twin brothers...
They were born Dec. 1, 1992, but were not supposed to be born until Feb. 12, 1993. Yeah...wow. That is a whopping 11 weeks early. eleven.
Needless to say it was a super scary time for my parents. I was eight at the time and didn't understand the severity of it. Since having a child and carrying him the full 40 weeks (plus one more week, yup 41 weeks), I can't even imagine having him at 29 weeks. Terrifying.

But it happened. And they both survived. They were 3 pounds each at birth which was huge for twins at their stage of development.

Fast forward 8 years...we are living in Ohio and the twins are smaller than everyone their age. everyone. They were growing about a half an inch a year when they should have been growing 2 inches.

Short version: they had lots of testing and it was determined they were not producing enough growth hormone. They received shots of growth hormone (that is another long, costly, yet amazing story in itself) and eventually caught up with their friends.

They had shots 6 days a week for 9 years. yep, lots of shots. About 2,817+ shots..each. Ugh. Poor kids.

Well, last week they went to their doctor visit and NO MORE SHOTS!!! Yeah.
I am so happy for them. They are just using up the last of the medicine and then it's over.
So great.

If they never had growth hormone, best case scenario they would have be 5'3"...my height. short. With the growth hormone they projected and best case scenario was 5' 9"...average.

Their current height? 5' 11.5" and 5' 11" ! Bow chick-wow-wow. Congrats boys.

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