pool day...

One day we decided to go to the pool. 
We forgot swim suits and water wings, so we had to make a trip to the store for that. Then realized Munchkin needed flip flops that could get wet and some toys of course. 
He picked out transformer bottoms and he couldn't have just one gun...
The water was freezing but I had Chubbs so I got to take him to the shallow kids area where the water was warmer. We will pretend it was warmer solely because of the depth and bright sun.



My little rock star.

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Amy said...

Hi McKenzie! My links are in the post on Morgan's blog, but they were the same color as her text so you probably couldn't notice. I thought I would say hi and give you my link since you couldn't find it! Hope you're having a great day! That last picture is to die for!

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