what's mine is hers...

Sometimes I get to borrow too...

This dress belongs to my sister. It was gifted to her from her boss at her one of her jobs. Normally she borrows from me and I normally don't borrow from her, but I honestly really don't mind. 
But since she is in costa rica, I get to wear this cute dress (minus the green top she borrowed from me to wear with this exact dress...i didn't get that back yet). 

Top: Shade ($3). Dress: Marc Jacobs ($0-borrowed). Shoes: Steve Madden (super old). Belt: Express. White ring: Aldo ($8). Earrings: NY&Co.

Happy Friday!!

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Annalee said...

Oh gosh you are so cute cute cute!! Love that dress! Nice match up with the belt and shoes too! I LOOOOVE the Instagram pics below too! Love them! Sad I didn't get to see you more this Utah trip:( I'll plan better for when we come out in Oct! We've already bought our tickets got a whole week! Love you!