Bath time...
my little chubbs loves it.
Every time I grab a towel, he hightails it to the bathroom and literally tries to climb in the tub. Clothes on or off makes no difference to him. He tries to climb in even during the speedy process of me undressing him. 

I love it too.

It's the one time I can get this kid to sit still for more than 30 seconds. I'm not even kidding. He is constantly on the move.

This morning, after I was fixed Munchkins hair for school (which took me about 20 seconds), I walked out into the kitchen and there was Mr. Chubbs sitting on the table with a box of cereal in his lap, grabbing cereal by the handful. He saw us come out, and got this big smile on his face that said, "Ha. You can't get mad at me! Look at how cute I am." He is right. I did make him get off the table, but sent him on his way with a bag of cereal for him and him alone.

Then of course Munchkin had to have a bag too.


meag said...

oh i am happy to hear that my little boy is not the only one who can't sit still for longer than .02 seconds. bathtime is such a fun time...and a good little break.

Morgan Greaves said...

Look how cute those pictures are. They just melt my heart.