State Tourney...

At the first of the month, Munchkin man had a wrestling tournament. Not just any tournament, but the state wrestling tournament. I think I may have been more nervous than Munchkin. This was a double elimination tournament with only one division. Every tournament we had been to before had an intermediate and a beginners group. Munchkin was always in the beginners group since he had only been wrestling for a matter of months. And yes, there are five year olds who have been wrestling for several years, who would have thought?! 
The night before his tournament I explained that he may only get to wrestle two times because of the way the tournament was set up. He ended up getting to wrestle five times and had a blast the entire time. 

Munchkin won his first two matches then lost his last three

Checking in at the table.

Getting some tips from one of his wrestling coaches.

Getting ready to do the Parade of Champions

Ready for the medal round.

Wrestling for fifth or sixth place. 
He made friends with this little kid. It was so cute. After they got off the main stage (from above pic) I walked around to go get him and he was walking with this kid, who he was about to wrestle, holding his hand just in their own little world. It was too cute!  We had ended up sitting by this family most of the time as they wrestled on the same mat.

Chubbs being such a sport after a long day of wrestling. We go there about 4pm and didn't get done until 11pm! So flippin' long. We were all ready to go. 

Munchkin got sixth place out of twenty and he was ecstatic. We were so proud of him. He never cried when he lost and always remembered to go shake the coaches hand after each match. So impressed with my little guy. 

I couldn't get him to just hold out his trophy to take a picture. All he wanted to do was to hold it. He asked me later that night if he could sleep with it. 

The next day he was sitting in a box (since we just moved into a new house, we have a ton around still) with all his medals and trophy from wrestling. He was just so pleased with how well he did at his tournament, as were we. 

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Abby said...

This is the cutest ever. Oh my gosh that kid is cute. I'm coming over soon!