Awkward, Awesome & Lame-O Thursday...

Post Edit: You can't really see them, but Chubbs is wearing Munchkins old shorts. Size 3T. He is only 6 months old. He truly lives up to his nickname.

-  My hair in the morning after going to bed with it wet the night before
-  Meeting someone with the last name Bamfo...get it?
- Shaking all weird during a pedicure because the massage chair kept switching from knead to punch-you-in-the-back-uncomfortably-and-randomly
- munckin spilling his cereal all over him and the floor minutes before we have to leave for preschool/work
- getting to work and finding a nice spot of dried milk on my shirt from above incident
- trying to put my hair in a ponytail

- The show Parenthood. I won't lie. I love it.
- Warm weather and walks
- Getting paid to go the gym 3 hours a week during work time
- Munchkin excited to pay tithing 
- Finals being over this semester for Hubster 
- Pintrest
- Getting super cute texts from Hubster  
- Chubbs clapping his hands...all the time 

- This article about having to pay to try on clothes..what?!?!
- iTunes not working on my work computer
- my car not going into reverse...fingers crossed it's fixable and we don't have to get a new transmisison


Brianna said...

Parenthood is my favorite! I am so happy they ended the season on a NO secrets ending! Yet I'm still hooked and want more immediately! I am falling in love with Pinterest too!

mackenzie said...

I love it! I am super glad they didn't leave us hanging at the end. That makes me so mad. I really thought they would with the whole pregnancy stick.