Awkward & Awesome Thursday...

- Being in a meeting with someone I was supposed to email information to a few days ago and remembering I hadn't done it yet
- Walking real fast through the grocery store in heels and losing my footing a little bit on those darn slippery floors right in front of the cash register
- Hoarders on TLC
- Having a strand of hair down my shirt during work that I can't seem to nonchalantly get out
- Going for a walk with my boys and our dog, Stella. Then stopping to talk to a neighbor also out for a walk and then while holding Stella's leash she darts over to a puddle and me not paying any attention and getting pulled to the ground in the middle of the street.

- My Birthday
- 6 month stats of Chubbs: 96% for length & head, 99% for weight.
- Finding a great new sitter for Chubbs.
- New my present...arriving tomorrow!
- Warm enough weather for a walk.
- Finding a hefty stack of clothes for Chubbs stored away in a tote.

Awkward & Awesome
- Chubbs & his cousin at 5 days old

Cousins: 5 days old, 6 months, 2 yrs, 5 yrs, 5 yrs old


Kathleen said...

I LOVE the picture of the babies! Too cute!

The Ince's said...

We are so excited to see him each morning now! Will has declared him "his best friend" and my house stays cleaner longer (LOL) throughout the day.

Thanks for giving us a chance! He's a delight to watch and makes our day feel less in a rut!

Sarah loves it all said...

aah! He is so cute! Love chubby!!