We unfortunately did not have Munchkin on Sunday for Easter. Boo. 
But the Easter bunny did make it to our house Thursday night. 
Munchkin got a few toys along with How to Train Your Dragon and Tangled, and of course some eggs with candy. 
On Sunday, we went to church. It was great. 
Determined once again I really need to focus more on serving others. 
And the weather was nice. 

  Me and the handsome Chubster
Chubbs outfit: DKNY, TJMaxx (came as set - $15)

 Top: Express (<$15). Yellow Dress: Tulle ($15). Belt: AE ($7). Bracelet: F21 ($5). Shoes: Guess, Ross ($20)

Guess I should have busted out the tripod and sweet new remote to get a family picture...oops.  



Morgan said...

So cute! I love that top the bow is awesome!

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Liv said...

So... I don't know if we've ever met in real life, but I remember you from WSU.

And we know a lot of people in common, so you can check with them to make sure I'm not a creeper :)

I just found your blog last week and think you look too fabulous not to say anything about your outfit!

mackenzie said...

Thanks Morgan!
And Liv...I can't tell what you look like from your picture and when I click your name it tells me your profile is private. I am sure I would remember you or at least know some common friends!

Tessa Rushton said...

Loves the haircut lady. I need to meet Chubbs soon. Let's be cool and hang out, eh?