Awkward & Awesome Thursday...or Friday...

I'm a day late...yada, yada. Go ahead and get after me. I have been swamped at work and when I'm home with the kiddos they have my full attention. So, I'm sorry, but not really.
Awkward and AwesomeMunckin put these on Chubbs head and didn't say anything, when we came back in the room Hubster and I about died laughing. It's nice to have those good-hard-belly-shakin' laughs every now and then.


- Looking for where I parked my car while a good portion of the university's football team is walking through the same same lot. 
- Having some of them men I work with stare at me trying to figure out what is different about me.
- Trying to keep a straight face (and not pee my pants in terror) as a guy comes into my office with hair and facial hair past his shoulders, draped in a blue cloak, with his hands hidden underneath telling me he wants to complain about an advertisement.
- Going to sleep the same time as Hubster, then in the morning telling me there is a plate of brownies on the counter that were not there when we went to bed
- Knowing certain event have occurred thanks to facebook and blogs

- Being a new aunt! Congrats to my sis-in-law on her baby girl!
- Having the kiddos come visit me at work
- My amazing bro & sis babysitting for me super last minute.
- The snow again. Well, not really, but it's not awkward, so I had to through it in somewhere.
- Pandora
- This article in the Huffington Post

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