Happy Birthday to Me!!

Yesterday I turned 26.

And if I knew any other languages I would spell them in that language too. I can count fairly high in french, but i'm not going to go to the effort in trying to remember how to spell it correctly. 

Black Top: Express ($12ish). Belt: Express ($4). Leggings: TJMaxx ($5). Boots: Aldo

This was the first year of my life where my birthday just didn't give me the high it normally does. It used to be MY BIRTHDAY. Now it has turned into, 'yup. today is my birthday.' 
I got phone calls from my family with a handful of them leaving me some wonderful renditions of "Happy Birthday" on my voice mail, a grundle of facebook posts, and three cakes. 

Yes. Three. 
One from my awesome co-worker. 
One from my brother and sister who came to my work with cake in hand, candles lit and sang to me. So great. 
One from my sweet husband who even made pink frosting and felt bad I came home with the previous two cakes in hand. Maybe I can try out the cake pops I have been wanting to try now. 

After work we went to Olive Garden. Chubbs was getting irritated sitting in his car seat. Hubster suggested a high chair. I thought, "No! A high chair. He can't be big enough for a high chair." But I asked for one anyway, got Chubbs all situated in it and he was in heaven. With toys clasped in each hand he was set and he did great. He never teetered, just tried to grab anything he could get his pudgy hands on. 
My little boy grew up once again right in front of me. 
Blue Top: Old Navy ($6). Skinny Jeans: Old Navy ($10). Shoes: Children's Place ($5).
Then I saw a girl with super cute hair. Took her picture, and I didn't feel awkward at all. Women love it when you compliment their hair, and wanting to take a picture of it...even better! You are welcome cute hair gal.

Thanks to my little family for celebrating my birthday with me.




Hubster was there too even though you see no proof. 


Jessica Guthrie said...

Happy belated Birthday! Your profile sounds like me 10 years ago.I wish I look at life the way i do now. Enjoy all those wonderful moments. I am glad I just found your blog thru Meet Virgina. I love fashion and I guess that is why i am a hairstylist and Just Jewelry Consultant. LOL If you get a chance come swing by over at www.miamamiah.com Have a Happy Thursday! Jess

Morgan said...

Happy belated girl! Hope it was great!

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mackenzie said...

Thanks Morgan! Happy Birthday to you as well.

And Jessica, I hope I look as good as you 10 years from now.

Annalee said...

SOOO glad it was a FAB day! I feel the same about birthdays now. Such a bummer. That must mean we are getting old. I bet my birthday message was the VERY best! Cuz I've got the best back up singing voice in the WORLD! Love you cuzy!!