The supposed highlight of a high school's life. 
When I was in high school we had two, count them, two dances each year. Prom & Homecoming. ok...we did have a few other super small dances or stomps occasionally, but two big dances. You know, the get-your-hair-done, spend-too-much-money on a dress kind of dance. 

From Freshman year to Junior year (because Juniors were in charge of Prom), we did fundraisers to pay for Prom. Since I was class pres those three years, I did it all. All the planning and fundraising and everything (with the help of other class officers of course!) for Prom for three years, along with my Mom since she was our class Advisor for those three years as well. Bless her heart. 
Our class raised a bunch of moolah. Like close to $20,000 for prom. No joke. 

There was a tradition of having Prom in our high school gym. Each class tried to out do the year before with decorations and the theme.

I thought it was a waste of money and time, plus the gym was HOT. Picture around 200 kids in a small gym, with no air conditioning, only like two doors to leave the gym open, and lots of dancing. It was a hot sweaty mess. 
So...as class officers we decided to move Prom.
It was a huge deal. I mean, a huge deal. Petitions started, threats flew it was pretty ridiculous. But ultimately we had the final say and we said, "move it!". 

So we did. We moved it to Eaglesticks which is a golf course with a gorgeous view. And it was awesome and gorgeous and way more classy than a high school gym. 

Now....please ask me where they have had Prom just about every single year since? Go ahead ask me....
(sorry for the crappy pic, it's the only decent one I could pull from their website)
Yup. Eaglesticks. 
And it was awesome. 
(go HERE and click Wedding Tent to see it) 
And that was nine years ago...wow. I can't believe I'm that old, or that my little brothers are old enough to go now. 

They went to their Prom (as seniors) and looked awesome. And so grown up. 

(thank you to those who took these photos and tagged my brother on facebook so I could see them)

Adam and his date (left), Paul and his date (right). 
I had to post this one just because of Paul. He is too funny.  

My super cute mom and Adam. 

 They are so hard core. 


Abby said...

Moving Prom to Eaglesticks rocked. Who can forget the drama. The class above us was the WORST. They didn't didn't even seem to like each other, yet would unite to dislike us and anything we did. :P

mackenzie said...

They were the worst. they threw such a fit! had a few meetings with the principal over that crap.

Shirlie Wilson said...

But, towards the end of prom they all came up and thanked me for an awesome prom. They thought it turned out great! I was so glad they ended up liking it.

Abby said...

That's cool! I didn't know that! Okay, I'll relieve them from a bit of the lame grudge I've held against them all these years then. :P