Sweet dreams.

Hubster is funny. Especially when he is asleep and I come to bed. 
Last night this is what he told me as I came in the room. 

"Whoa! Whoa! Turn off the light (no lights were on). It's blinding! Turn it off. Turn the radio off. It's too bright. 
It is pouring rain outside (it wasn't), and it's lightning in here! Why is it so bright? I'm not kidding, turn off the radio...and the lightning. 
(As I crawl into bed) You are stealing my blankets and there is now thunder all around. 
(I open the laptop) Whoa! Now there is even more lightning. And you have lightening fingers. 

Sometimes it's worth it to stay up just late enough to let him go to bed first.

And it's been raining, but at least it hasn't been....
 I don't dare say it in case I jinx it to happen again.

These are pretty but really? Snow on flowers in April? Please...

Oops...I said it.

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