It is time. 
I need to cut my hair. I have been growing it out to donate and I think I am close enough (10 inches is a lot!), and my hair is driving me crazy. It ends up in ponytail most of the time, which means itsgotstago. 

Help me decide which cut you like...poll is on the right hand side of my blog, and leave a comment below if ya wanna.

Style #1 
I know this isn't the same haircut in both pictures, but they were odd balls, so I don't expect too many votes for this one.

Style #2
A bob with a good A-line.

Style #3
Similar to #2, but shorter in the back

Style #4
Again, similar to #2, but with more layers and with some body

Style #5
Super short!

Style #6
short, but still long in front. I wouldn't have the extra length down my neck like the top left picture, it would be shorter.

Help me choose!! I want/need to go back to my short hair.

Also, I will totally take suggestions. If you know of a cute short hairstyle you think I could rock, send me a link!


Steph and Zach said...

I don't think many people could pull off #6 but you totally could! That was my vote, I also like #3 :)

Sharon Johnson said...

#5 and then transition to #6. Cutting your hair that short is uplifting and rejuvenating. DO IT! : )

Annalee said...

I like #2 and #3! I know the girl Sarah in the last pics! I went to high school with her! Do you know her?

Morgan Greaves said...

I LOVE #1 the picture on the left. I think that looks like your color and texture of hair. You would be super hot with the ends cut like that that!!!