Day 23...

15 Random Facts about You

1. I always put on my right shoe first
2. I own over 70 pairs of shoes
3. My favorite snacks are potato chips and popcorn and dr. pepper
4. I was all-state in soccer in high school
5. I have never been to Disneyland/world
6. I can shake my eyes really fast
7. I was a driver tour guide (yes, i drove a big bus) in Alaska one summer
8. I love being creative (photography, crafting, sewing, crocheting, etc.)
9. I can't sing
10. I facebook/blog stalk...a lot
11. I am SUPER competitive
12. I hate having long nails
13. I loved being pregnant (and sincerely hope the rest of mine are as easy as the first)
14. I talk to my mom just about every day
15. I hate feet

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