Day 22...

A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.

Dear Mother Nature,
I am ready for spring. I am sick of winter. Quit with the snow and cold weather already. Thanks a bunch.

Dear Verizon,
I want an iPhone. But I don't the internet. I sit on a computer all and don't care to be that connected to the world. Can you make this happen?

Dear Chubbs,
Can you not smile and goo at me and make me love you so much that it kills me everyday I have to go to work. You don't make it any easier.

Dear Girl in the bathroom,
There are TEN stalls in here. I am in one. The rest are empty. Choosing the one right next to me is really uncool.

Dear Morning,
You come way too early. Everyday. Let's work on that...mmmkay?

Dear Mom,
I still remember the day you called me prissy. I am not prissy. Just because I wear high heels and like to get dressed up or overdressed for occasions does not make me prissy.

Dear Utah Hair Girls,
Stop already.
Dear Southwest,
I want to go visit my family. If you would stop raising your prices that would be awesome.

Dear Stupid People,
Stop coming into my office and calling me.


Sierra said...

Love the Hair one.... seriously, do they think it looks good?

I was called "high-maintenance" oncce and it made me mad too. Because I take care of myself and look nice, that makes me prissy? I don't get it. Can there not be an inbetween between tom-boy and prissy? Because I feel like I have a great balance. Glad someone else thinks the same way.

Blake said...

So here's a bumpit story to end all bumpit stories. I was at work and I noticed that one of the nurse's hair (congrats to Abby btw) was in the front a perfect bumped up hair style but in the back...well lets just say the bumpit had ejected itself from the back of the hair. Just hanging off the back of her ole' little head like a weird appendage. So I told her that the jig was up and that her bumpit was showing.

Annalee said...

You're freaking hilarious cuz! I'm rolling on the floor I'm laughing so hard! I love and miss you so much!! I felt such a flood of emotions with each letter but all funny! Ha ha! Especially the freaking bathroom stalls cuz haven't we all been there?! Ha!

Shirlie Wilson said...

You make me smile....

Jake said...

Autumn here, not Jake. I feel the same way about Utah hair. YES I have big hair--but not intentionally. It comes naturally-big difference.