Awkward & Awesome Thursday...

White Shirt: Downeast Outfitters ($10). Gray Striped Shirt: Express ($6). Studded Vest: Abercrombie & Fitch ($13). Belt: American Eagle ($7). Jeans: Express ($25). Shoes: Aldo ($35).

- Standing on the front door of my sister-in-laws house for approx. 7 minutes waiting for her to answer (lucky duck was still in bed...super jealous)
- Having Hubster exploit me by telling my non-married friends about my continually hair shedding and it being all over his clothes and unders. 
- Having a sketchy lady at the D.I. literally grab Chubbs from Hubster to hold him and see if he really is as heavy as we said he is
- Jumpsuits. Still can't figure out their appeal
- Walking across campus to work and having my high heel go down in between those tiny cracks in the sidewalk...right in front of someone. I promise I know how to walk and that crack moved just as I put my foot down.
- A billboard sign quoting a five year old saying "KUED is my source for science." Really? What five year old would put that sentence together.

- My new do...pictures to come tomorrow.

- Skype
- Chubbs rolling front to back and vice versa all over the place. As well as sitting straight up on his own.
- Slightly warmer weather
- Hubster only have class for one hour instead of two or three
- Finding pictures like this on my computer

Awkward and Awesome
- Turning the car on and radio is playing "Ride Wit Me" by Nelly and knowing just about every single word.


Brianna said...

cute post! I'm excited to see what you have done with the hair!!

Tatiana said...

Dude, I'm so excited to see your hair! I'm chomping at the bit to chop mine off. It's driving me insane Like a pixie cut, but I haven't found one I love. And I'm kind of nervous because I love to be able to throw it in a pony. And, Rob would murder me/not talk to me/look at me funny for months/tell me I told you so when I complained that I couldn't put it in a pony. Anyhow, pictures please!

Morgan Greaves said...

Are those shoes comfy? They are so FREAKING cute!!!!!