Love your belt...

Got me some compliments yesterday on my outfit-o-lah. Nice. Wasn't what I was planning on wearing, but sometimes that makes me think of something else to try instead. This probably turned out cuter than my original outfit I had picked out in my head (which reminds me I need to do some laundry when I get home).
And my sparkly little belt has received quite the collection of compliments today, along with one superwoman reference. I'll take it.

Cami: Buckle, Button-up: Express, Sweater: Old Navy, Belt: DownEast Outfitters, Jeans: Seventy 99, Shoes: BCBG

I normally don't wear heels to work because I have a hefty little walk from my car to my actual office (and no I won't go figure out how far it is because then you will laugh at me and tell me it really isn't that far). And I have been wearing a lot of sweaters and hoodies because this post-pregnant body is staying around a little longer than I would have liked. Guess the gym would come in handy at this point. But I had an event I had to dress slightly nicer for at work, so voila...my outfit.

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