One Fine Day...

Saturday was a good day.

There was nothing significant about this day, but it was a good day. Hubster woke up before the sun and went into work.  I don't like him working on Saturdays, and he knows it, but he had to.  He woke me as he does every morning with a sweet smack on the lips tangled with a "goodbye babe" and a "love ya". 

I turn over to his side of the bed and curl up as the cold from the sheets tickles my body and I give a little shudder. I lay there listening to Chubbs over the monitor. His sweet breaths and tiny sighs make my lips give a teensy smile. I keep my eyes closed and drift back into a light sleep because I know Chubbs is going to be waking up soon. 

What seems like seconds later Chubbs is gooing and quietly exercising his increasing voicebox volume. I grope around for my glasses, slip them on and throw my hair in a pony tail that flounces on the very tip top of my head. I'm grateful I cleaned out the bottles the night before as I turn on the cool water and let it trickle over my fingers as I wait for it to get warm.  

Chubbs is wide awake with his fat dimpled hands clingy to his feet. A new toy he has just discovered. We go back to my bed and after he eats he lets out a hearty belch and we fall asleep for a little while longer.

We get up, get ready and I contemplate what stores I have to go to and which ones I want to go to. Then Hubster gets home and I am thrilled because he gets to come with me all day, and lug our chubby little man around while I scurry around shopping. 

Hubster and I flirt. We joke. He makes me smile. He tells me I am all sorts of wonderful and wraps me in his strong, comforting arms and reassures me everything will be ok. Have faith

We get back to our home and unload our goodies and necessities we bought throughout the day. Chubbs is wide awake and has his open mouthed smile plastered on his face. Our little family (minus a very important Munchkin), soaked in each others presence and just relaxed. 

It was one fine day. A good day, where our cares were hung out to dry for little while and we just lived in the moment. I need more days like this.

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