Birthday Boy...

My Munchkin is 5 years old today. 
I cannot believe it. He is growing up super fast. 

One of my very first memories of munchkin is when my mom and I went to lunch with Hubster while she in town and he was going through his divorce. We had know Hubster since 2001 when he served his mission in Ohio where we were living. We kept in touch with him and pretty much considered him a part of the family (I even went to his wedding reception).

We went to TGIFridays. I remember exactly where we were sitting and what I was wearing. I remember Munchkin had on his striped green and yellow polo. I have no idea what Jesse was wearing. Munchkin had some water in a cup with ice. Hubster gave him a drink and it was too cold. Instead of spitting out the water or swallowing it, he simply opened his mouth wide and let the water pour it. It was one of those sad, but also a little funny moments. Hubster got him all cleaned up and a new drink with no ice.

Then Hubster went to the bathroom, and my mother and I had no idea what was about to happen. As soon as Hubster turned the corner to the bathroom and Munchkin couldn't see him anymore he went hysterical. He started crying and screaming and yelling Daddy as many times as his little voice could muster.  I looked at my mom bewildered as she picked him up out of his seat and tried to calm him down. He stretched him short little arms towards the bathroom doors and continued to yell. Of course people in the restaurant started to look at us, when Hubster finally emerged from around the corner and took Munchkin in his arms. The cries and tears immediately ceased. Munchkin was in his Daddy's arms once again and all was right in his little world. 
Munchkin is his Daddy's little boy. 

Now this little guy is a whopping 5 years old. I have been privileged enough to be a mom to him for over three years. I love this little guy so much. 

Some fun facts about Munchkin:

He loves his stuffed animals. His favorite right now is a skunk named Skunk Friend. 
He loves his little brother, Chubbs. Saturday we went bowling for his birthday and he didn't bowl very much because he just wanted to sit there and hold Chubbs (how adorable is that?!).
He likes to take showers, but hates to get washed.
He loves to cuddle with Hubster and I before he goes to bed, and anytime we are sitting at home.
He likes to crawl through Chubbs side of the car over to his seat.
His shoes have "names" - his Jordans, his Lebrons, his Lebrons from Santa, etc. 
He likes cereal, granola bars and fruit snacks and would have them for every meal if we let him. 
He loves to ride his bike and play basketball.
He loves Reese's. 
He loves to pay his tithing at church. This week they sang to him in Primary and it totally made his day. He had been looking forward to that for days.
He is very good at sports.
He likes to "break dance". 
He has an amazing memory. He never forgets anything. 
He thinks he knows karate and can beat anyone up. 
He loves to wrestle. 
He always has to have Hubster take him to the bathroom when we are out because the womens' bathrooms don't have urinals.
Loves to ride on airplanes.
Calls "instructions" - constructions. 
Sticks his tongue out whenever he is concentrating (and sometimes when he isn't). 

He is a great kid and I'm so grateful we get to have him in our family.

More birthday details to come...
Happy Birthday Baby Boy. I love you. 


Abbigail said...

Happy birthday to him!!!!!
I adore that Munchkin to and can not believe he is that old. So is my little one and I wonder where the time went. They are both so big. He loves his Daddy and it is so sweet. I am so happy for you all to be able to be together.

Brianna said...

Happy Birthday to the handsome little guy! What fun pictures!